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As I got out from the bus I was startled to see the lavishing university campus.The place was so beautiful I couldn't help but admire the beauty.There were students everywhere as it was time for class. I didn't get the chance to wander around much either.

It was a very big university and my class was supposed to be held in the other part of the main building.

Helena showed me my class room and went to the main building to her class.Feeling a little uncomfortable I sat on the second bench of the middle row.

The students were gossiping with one another like they knew each other from a long time.I understood that some of them were friends for a long time.They must have gone to the same school and now they are in same university unlike me who came from far away and no friends.I was feeling kind of sad being alone like this.At last the professor came and I felt a little relieved.

He said his name was Clark.He was a middle aged man,around 40 to 45.He had grayish hair,dark brown eyes and an amazing smiling face.He greeted all the new students and wished us best of luck for the coming challenges,he explained all the rules and regulations that we had to follow the coming days.

But it was surprising to know that there will be a class every week where the seniors and the fresh men will take class together.It was like a part of the extra curriculum activity for the students to increase the communication skill. Plus there we all had to take part in a club and it was mandatory. I didn't wanna hamper my studies doing other works so I decided to help in the library sector.This way I'll be more close to books and I can also study a little while helping there.

In our off period I decided to eat a little snack and walk around the university to know the place more.

As I was supposed to work in the library I decided to check out the place.After searching for sometime and asking few people I found the library.

It was a very big library,different from my school's small library. I was enchanted to see all the books because I always loved books more than anything. I started wandering around the book shelves trying to find some books which can help me in my studies.There weren't many people in the library as there was a class period going on.As I proceeded inside my eyes got stuck on a boy.

He was reading books sitting on the library floor.I didn't see his face properly as he was looking downwards,concentrating in the book.But the most funny thing was,the books that I was looking for was in the shelf behind him.I didn't wanna disturb him so I just decided to go back to class.Suddenly, as I turned to go back,I bumped into someone.

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