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Bella's POV

"Ugh! God!" I almost screamed standing on the empty side walk. I'm sure the two person who could see my frustration was Ben and me. I need help! Should I call Jake? No I think it's better not to drag him in this! I want him safe.

Besides he doesn't know all this!

Suddenly my phone beeped again. Another text from him.

'You will find what you're looking for

In a place you might never look for~

Follow the path where rose petals are scattered

Which I made only for you~'

What did he mean by all this! In a place I'll never look for. Did he mean the dumpster?

I went running to the big dumpster that we had behind our house. All the garbage is usually put there! But rose where is the path he was talking about?! My brain is seriously not working. But I can't give up now! If I give up how am I gonna save Helena!

Wait Rose! Rose yeah how can I forget! Mrs Jones's Garden! She grews rose there and ofcourse I didn't even thought about looking for the cat in her house. But if it in the garden then why didn't it went back home. Does it mean ....the cat is.... No think positive Bella. I kept repeating to myself. The same thing over and over. I don't know why I was lying to myself. Because I knew it very well the cat was no more.

Trembling I came to Mrs Jones's garden. She has a big garden beside her home. It was cold and it was only helping to increase the chills that I was having.

As I took a few step I felt something sticky on the path that lead deeper inside the garden.

I quickly put on my glasses to see because I couldn't see properly because the path was covered with fallen rose petals and leaves.

But what I saw I wasn't ready for it. But deep inside I knew it was what I expected 'BLOOD'.

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The blood trails ended inside the little rose plants, like something was dragged along the path to create the blood trails. Ben how could you! What have you done! Did you kill the cat....?

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