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amaliaverdezoto > My Possessive Admirer > 54 Broken Promises: Part 11
Ben's POV

'Bella!' I woke up from my nightmare again. These nightmares I'm having them for a long time that I don't even remember when I started seeing them.

I checked the time it was 1 am already I'm late...

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I decided to pay Helena a little visit today. The thing I injected in her body seems to be working slow. I didn't expect her to talk and move like that again. Good thing the situation didn't turn out bad or I would be in trouble by now. Bella seemed worried for her a lot. I really hate it when she worries for others except me. I guess I'm a psycho, psycho for her love & attention.

The time I reached the hospital it was already 2 am. I went straight in Helena's cabin. She was fast asleep.

"Must be pretty tired huh?" I whispered softly.

I injected the rest of the bottle's serum in her body. The moment she realized and opened her eyes it was already too late. I removed the cloth softly from her mouth which I put so she doesn't make sound.

"Doctor?" I heard a voice behind my back.

"Yes?" I looked behind.

"You were supposed to check the patient in 302 not here!" A nurse started coming close to me, looking at my face, "Uh I don't think I saw u before..." The nurse raised an eye brow.

"Yes, I don't think you know me miss" I removed the mask from my face, "I'm new here, in place of the doctor in leave" I said with a smile.

"Oh so u are the new doctor but why do u look... Oh I saw u few hours earlier! The handsome boy!" She blushed suddenly when she understood she said something inappropriate.

"But you are the new doctor.... I couldn't guess!" She repeated again. I didn't expect her to remember my face like this actually because I don't clearly remember her.

"Yeah my friend's sister got into an accident so I shifted my posting in here urgently," I said in a calm voice.

"Oh I see, hahaha" She laughed without anyone reason at all. Does she think I'll be tempted. Dumb woman...

"So what's your plan for tonight?" She smiled looking at me again. How pathetic!

"Make sure I shut few people's mouth," I smiled.

"Shut?" She said being unknown to what I was about to do.

"Haha let me tell you, let's go somewhere private," I put on my mask again. "Let's go,"

I smiled while closing Helena's cabin door. I loved how the only moving part of her body now, her eyes looked at me, frightened, crying.

How sad Helena. I didn't want to do this to you but you brought this on urself.

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