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I ask,

"Why can't I quit you

When you are the reason I cry

When you are the reason I fall?"

He replies,

"Because it's love"


That night I fell asleep beside Helena's bed. I managed to put her on bed and wipe her a little. She was covered in mud and dust as she was lying on the ground. I saw marks on her wrists which might have occurred because her hand was tired.

'Oh Helena!' My eyes were becoming wet thinking what she might have gone through because of Ben's revenge. Why did Ben do this to her. Why is he trying to hurt the people that I love! His problem is with me right. Then why others are getting hurt but me. It just breaks me. He only wants to hurt me. But he chose the most deadly way to hurt me and that is by hurting the people I love. I fell asleep sitting beside Helena's bed thinking about everything while Helena was already fast asleep.

A gentle pat on my head, woke me up from the sleep.

"Jake!" When I myself said his name it surprised me too, thinking when did he come here.

"Bella..." His soft voice was my butter and bread in the morning. His gentle cool fingers were gently rubbing my cheeks which caused me to blush. Damn he saw me sleeping! I hope I was not drooling because I usually do!

Suddenly I thought about last night. Helena crossed my mind and I sat up on the bed. "Where is she?" I panicked.

"Calm down. It's alright, Bella look at me!" Jake held my face in his hand.

"Jake!" I started crying. He hugged me gently like I was a delicate porcelain doll.

"Shushhh..... I love you..," Jake's warm embrace was enough to calm myself down. He surely knows how to hide me from the world everytime I cry. Makes me think he's there. He's there to hide me from the world, from all the problems I was had. I'm lucky to have him in my life. Just like he came out from a fairy tail, my knight in a shining armor to save me from every danger.

"Helena is in the hospital Bella..." Jake said in a calm voice, "& she is fine silly girl!"

He surely knows how to make my heart jump out of my body and also put it inside.

"Oh Jake! You scared me dude!" I gave a light punch on his chest.

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"Ahaha can you feel my six packs?" He said smirking.

"Omg can you plz not joke in such situations!" We both laughed.

"I love you Bella," Jake whispered hugging me again.

"I love you too Jake. I love you too...." I replied in his warm embrace.

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