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@@STAY (Bella's POV)

I got up from my bed. These nightmares are making me paranoid. I don't wanna see them. But it's not my hand either I guess.

I stood in front of the mirror. I've lost weight a lot since I came here in London. Tension & pressure have made my health worse. I don't look so good like I used to anymore. But Jake doesn't care right. He will still love me how I am.

He will right..... I put my hands on the glass, leaning a bit. I could feel I have fever.

Suddenly my phone rang shocking me a bit and the news I got from the hospital made me run there. It was Helena. Something terrible has happened to her.

"Doctor what happened?" I almost screamed in anger. How could they be so careless! The doctor said a nurse accidentally gave Helena a wrong medicine because she was mentally frustrated. She wrote a letter before she suicided in Helena's room. They found her dead body there.

The doctors are still not sure what happened there yesterday night. There are not cc cameras inside the wards and the hallway so the police couldn't actually guess what happened but they are doing an investigation.

I was shaking in frustration and anger. I wonder how Helena was feeling. Terrible! The doctor said she can't move any part of her body parts anymore. Her limbs have are completely paralyzed. But her brain is functioning. So they are hoping they can bring her back. I wanted to see her as soon as possible. But she was in observation.


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