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@@Our Secret

Bella's POV

"Don't come near!" I almost screamed in a frightened voice, when I saw Rex coming towards us with a confused face.

Who's this guy and why is he after me like this? Is he Ben!?

Because after seeing him here my doubts are really becoming reality. Did he come to help me in my miserable state so I think he's a good guy just after he left Helena here. It must be his wicked plan. But he's deceiving no one here.

"Bella.." He whispered my name and I felt like an icy breeze giving me chills.

"Please leave me alone, please..." I grabbed Helena with more force as I felt she could not stand on her feet anymore.

"What happened?" He said in a worried tone approaching to help me, looking at Helena who was almost unconscious.

"None of your fucking business dude! I said stay away," I said loudly this time which caught the attention of a few passer by who were luckily passing by.

"Bella!" Rex hissed looking at me, "Let me help you don't act like an child."

"Please help yourself and stay away from us," I tried to ask for help looking at the passerby who were already coming towards us.

"Hey punk! What's your problem? Can't you hear she doesn't need your help?" One for the guy's said to Rex.

Rex looked at him with a deadly look which almost gave me chills in my spines. Is he about to hit the guy! No! I don't want that.

"I'm fine don't worry! I'll go inside now! See you tomorrow Rex!" I said quickly so that the other guys don't start a fuss and neither do Rex.

I went inside quickly dragging Helena with me. Damn! She has lost her consciousness.


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