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amaliaverdezoto > My Possessive Admirer > 53 Broken Promises: Part 10
"U better forget all the pain of the past

Or the pain that I'm about to give

Will make u insane"



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I couldn't stop myself from visiting Helena that day. Though Jake told me that doctors didn't allow visitors in her cabin still I wanted to see her badly. Because I knew I was responsible, was responsible for all the thing that was happening.

"Helena" a soft whisper came out of my mouth as I saw her from distance. Doctors didn't allow me inside. I only saw her sleeping through the glass window of her cabin room.

Someone suddenly hugged me from behind. I was suddenly shocked but Jake's voice in my ears calmed me.

"Care to tell me what happened exactly?" Jake whispered gently in my ears.

I didn't know if I was ready even to tell him the real matter. Am I ready to talk to Jake about it. I seriously had no idea.

"Bella..." Jake tried to bring me back from my thoughts.

"Huh? Yeah..." I didn't know what else to say that moment exactly.

"Well tell me when u you are ready then," Jake smiled looking at me.

Jake's smile kinda freaked me out at that time. It was creepy or maybe I was just thinking too much.

Suddenly a faint but sharp voice caught my attention.

"Helena!" I screamed and ran inside Helena's cabin.

She was almost falling down from her bed. She was trying to call me by name & was saying something I couldn't hear. The nurses walking beside us came running and almost forced her to lie down on the bed again.

I could see her heart beats rising up high because of the beeping sounds which was banging inside my head.

"Please! Please! Go outside!" One of the nurse almost screamed at me.

But before anyone could say anything Jake was already pulling my outside. He dragged me outside the cabin section and hugged me tight.

I was crying saying Helena's name repeatedly.

"Shhhhh..."I could only hear Jake's voice, "Everything will be fine Bella, everything will be fine, I'll make sure everything is fine,"

That moment I could only believe what he said. Because it was only him who was left in my life...

"Bella!" Suddenly I heard someone calling my name.

It was Rex, he was almost running to me but he was coming from the cabin section where Helena was. When did he even go there. I didn't see him there.


"Goodbye Helena! It was fun while it lasted"

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