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Nick was dragging Peter along down the schools corridor by his arm with his tail, "Come on Nick, let go! I said I can walk by myself."

"Fine, then lead the way to the infirmary, with the way Flash treated you, you must be familiar with it by now." Nick said as he looked back a Peter, letting go of his hand at the same time.

"Thanks, it's this way." Peter said as he walked around a corner, but he came back with a loud thump, sitting on the ground again holding his nose.

Agent Coulson walked around the corner to let Nick see why Peter had fallen down again and again he picked Peter up by the arm using his tail, "You were saying something about being able to walk by yourself, hehehe." Nick laughed as Peter was still rubbing his sore, red nose.

"Mr. Stark, Mr. Parker, what are you doing out of class, the bell just rang." Said Agent Coulson.

"Some blond idiot decided it was a good idea to punch the first friend I have ever made in the face." Nick said with a little hostility, Peters checks went a little red in embarrassment, he was now standing up by himself.

"You must mean Flash Thompson."

"Yeah him, so I threatened him a little bit to put him in his place because he was racist towards me." Nick explained with a bored expression.

"By threatened you mean?"

"This." Nick said as he disappeared from Coulson's view in a puff of red smoke.

Agent Coulson could feel his trained instincts telling him to dodge forward, out of the way from the danger behind him, but he suppressed them and his panic and turned around to face Nick and the point of his stinger not far from his eye.

"Except I didn't just do this," Nick told Agent Coulson as he lowered his tail and retracted his stinger, "I also strangled him with my tail a little, lifting him off the ground by his neck until he was on the edge of suffocating... oh! And of course I also verbally threatened him as well."

Agent Coulson was completely studded by how calm and honest Nick was being to him, he thought that at lest this job won't get boring.

"Hah... fine, go get some ice for your face Mr. Parker and then bring Mr. Stark to my office." Agent Coulson said as he walked off down the corridor they just came from.

"So was that one of the teachers here?" Nick asked Peter next to him, acting dumb to Coulson's real and fake identity.

"He's the schools new Principle and I mean really new, he showed up just a couple days ago." Peter told Nick as he started walking again.

'Natasha must have already infiltrated Stark industries, otherwise there isn't any other way for shield to know I would be coming here but she probably did it now because of me and not because of uncle Tony.' Nick thought to himself as he walked besides Peter down the corridor.

Peter lead them to a room with a bed on wheels and lots of posters on health and safety in it, Peter walked to the mini-fridge that was underneath a desk, he opened it and pulled out a blue ice pack.

As Peter put it to the spot where he was punched Nick asked him, "So... do get picked on a lot by this Flash kid or did he just punch you because I was there next to you."

Peters face became a little sad at the mention of his bullying, "No, it wasn't because of you... Flash is intimidated by how much smarter then him I am and so he try's to put me down by bullying me on a daily basis, I try to not let it get to me but the constant name calling and disrespect does get to me at times." Peter told as his face became more down cast.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore Peter, I'll look after you from now on." Nick told Peter with the widest grin he could muster, "But you have to do the same for me, when people try and do the same to me, because I know they will try to discriminate against me with the way I look. So what do you say, deal?" Nick then reached out one of his hands and put a little smile on his face but you could tell from his tone that he was serious about them loo

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