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"Aunt May, are you home?" Peter shouted as he entered the apartment, Nick came in as well and then closed the door behind him.

"Peter, what are you doing home so early, school jus-" Aunt May started to say as she came around the corner, from the living room, only to stop midway when she saw Nick behind Peter.

"Hello, I'm Nick Stark, and I'm part of the reason Peter's home so soon." Nick said as politely as he could.

"Oh hi, I'm May Parker. It's nice to meet you." She said as she reached her hand out, Nick took it with one of his right hands and shuck her hand with a simple smile.

"What did you mean when you said, your the reason Peter's home so soon." Aunt May said as she lead then into the living room where they took off their backpacks, putting them down by their feet when they sat on the sofa.

"Well got us both suspended for a whole week after I got into fight with this kid, Flash Thompson," Nick said uncertainly, "Is that his name? I'm not great at remembering names." Peter just nodded to Nick's question.

"Ok... how did you get into a fight in the first place?" Aunt May asked listening closely, at the same time she was looking over Nick's body, it was clear she was interested by Nick's physical difference's.

"Well when I first got to school and entered the class room Peter was by himself so I thought he would be a good first person to talk to, it was clear he was a good guy straight away," Nick said with a smile as he pated Peter's shoulder with his top left hand, Peter smiled back at that, so did aunt May, she was happy that she had raised him right.

"A much better person then the next one I meet at that school, straight away Flash called me a blue monkey and looked at me as if I was some circus attraction," A frown appeared on aunt May's face when she heard this but Nick continued, "When Peter tried to defend me, Flash punched him in the face without warning or being provoked."

"What! Peter are you ok?" Aunt May said worryingly as she looked over Peter, looking for injuries.

"Don't worry I'm fine." Peter said getting embarrassed at being cuddled over in front of his friend.

"Don't worry I made sure to pay back Flash for him, right after Peter got knocked down I teleported behind Flash and kicked him in the back of his knees." Nick said with a cheeky grin.

"Wait, Teleported? You can teleport!" Aunt May said getting excited but calmed down when she was getting to close to Nick in her excitement.

"Yeah, I can teleport to anywhere I can see or where I have been before, but that's not all, I can also do this where I can see all around myself and far away at the same time, I can also seeing through solid objects when I activate my eyes." Nick tried to explain his Bakugan.

"You also have x-ray vision!" Peter and aunt May shouted at the same time.

"Yeah, but not exactly... because I can see 360 at all times when I activate my eyes ability, so it's not just x-ray vision."

"So if I'm understanding it right you can teleport, see all around your self, without any blind spots, see really far away, and also see throught things." Aunt May asked Nick.

"Yeah that's about it, oh and I can secrete a paralysing toxin from my stinger." Nick added.

"Stinger?" Aunt May asked confused.

Nick just moved his tail in front of himself and released his stinger, you could see a slite shine on it, "If even a drop of my toxin touched your skin you would be paralysed for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on how quickly your body can work through it."

Nick then retrackted his stinger and wrapped his tail back around his stomach.

As aunt May was sitting there processing the new information Peter asked Nick something beside him, "Can you show me you activated eyes?"

"Shore." Nick then activated his Bakugan causing the veins around his eyes to become pronounced.

"Wow, hey my room is back there," He said pointing deeper into the apartment, "Can you tell me one of the thing

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