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Nick had just teleported Peter and himself to the great wall of China.

Along the top of the wall you could see Nick patting Peter's back as he once again had a sick look on his face, the same one he had when Nick teleported him for the first time.

"You're an a**hole... " Peter was finally able to get out between taking deep breaths.

"Hahaha, yes I am but I still gave you the warning before I teleported, you can't blame me that much, now come on get up, everyone's looking at us." Nick said as he smiled.

Peter took one more deep breath and then wobbly got up, "They and not looking at me, you stand out more then you think you do Nick."

"What ever, so do you want to teleport along the entire great wall?" Nick asked as he went to the edge and took in the view.

"Isn't the great wall around 5'000 miles long, it would take around 18 months to walk along the entire thing, that's a lot of teleporting... I don't think I could take it, I will definitely be sick." Peter said as he rubbed his stomach with a dreaded look on his face.

"Don't worry that's just from teleporting really long distances, I will do it in parts so we can see the views and take pictures along the way." Nick said trying to change Peter's mind.

"Umm fine! But let's do this quickly, I actually do want to show you where I hang out and didn't you want to me some hot chicks or are you in love with my aunt now and she's enough." Peter said the with a cheeky grin.

"Don't joke around, I just like May because she's nice to me." ... and I love her because she is an amazing person', Nick said in his head at the end.

Nick then put his hand on Peter's shoulder and he started to teleport them along the great wall, stopping and starting again so Peter could catch his breath and so Nick could look at the views.

"Hah, we're at the end now can we go." Peter said exhausted from the constant teleporting, to Nick who was besides him, who was taking a picture of something.

"Ok but let's take a selfie before we go, now say cheese~." Nick said as he put his arm around Peter's shoulder, taking a picture of them together with his phone.

"Alright we can go now." Nick said as he posted the picture on his Instagram, with the comment 'Just teleported along the whole great wall of China.'

"Hey have you posted the pictures we took in Egypt yet." Peter asked Nick as he watched him post the selfie on his phone.

"No I haven't, I still have to go through them to pick a couple I like that I'll post." Nick explained to Peter.

"Ok, well give me your phone I know which one you should post." Peter said with his hand stretched out to Nick.

"Ok." Nick then hand him his phone with it open to the folder filled with the pictures from Egypt.

Peter spent around a minute finding the picture I wanted and then posting it on Nick's Instagram, after that he handed Nick his phone back.

"So, which one was it." Nick said as he put his hand on Peter's shoulder, "Deep breath." Nick said to Peter, letting him know that he is going to teleport, just like the last time.

But this time Peter was actually able to take a deep breath before Nick teleported.

...Some where in Queens...

"It was the picture of you holding aunt May in a princess carry, on top of the sphinx's head." Peter said as he looked around to try and figure out where they're.

"Oh that one, why'd you choose that one?" Nick said as he turned his phone back on, and looking at his newest post.

"Well so I can tease you about it later of course, it's just what friends do after all, haha." Peter laughed when he saw the frown on Nick's face.

"Anyway, what do you want to do now?" Nick asked him as he put his phone back in his pocket.

"Well I still haven't introduced you to my friend, I was going to yesterday but you know... that didn't work out." Peter said as he rubbed the spot on his face where Flash punched him.

"Okay, lead the way." Nick said.

Peter then look

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