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A man walks in to a restaurant, this man is Nick, genius, playboy, and hitman for hire.

He was hired to assassinate a shipping company CEO by a rival shipping company, his target was eating at this restaurant tonight, his target was walking from his table to the men's bathroom as Nick walked in.

Once Nick saw this he followed and entered the men's bathroom as well, his target was standing at one of the urinals.

Nick walked right up behind him and before the man could realise that someone was behind him, the back of his head was grabbed and then smashed into the wall in front of him, his nose was broken and blood ran down his face.

Nick didn't stop there he smashed his face into the wall again and again until he was unconscious, the wall was smeared red with his targets fresh blood.

Nick then dragged the man into one of the stalls and then went back to the wall covered in blood to clean it up, once the wall was clean Nick went back to the stall where his target was still knocked out.

He locked the stall door and then lifted the mans head, he then took out the knife he had concealed in his sleeve and cut the mans throat.

His target dead, the job done, Nick left the restaurant after he climbed out over the stall wall, but not before taking and sending a picture of his dead body to his client, a couple minutes later he got a notification from his bank that $100,000 was put into his account.

With a smile Nick starts to wall home but before he can take more then a couple steps he is hit by a speeding truck from behind, Nick's limp body goes flying through the air and then comes crashing down onto the front window of a near by parked car.

The truck comes to a screeching holt next to the car, the driver steps out and then walks up to Nick as he is trying to pry himself out of the hole he made in the front window.

The man pulled out a gun from his trousers and pointed it straight a Nick's head, "Sorry about this, it's just business." The man said as he was just about to pull the trigger, but before he could Nick used the knife hidden in his sleeve to kill the man as he jumped from the front of the car.


The mans dead body dropped to the ground with his throat cut open, you could hear the man chocking on his own blood, and Nick too collapsed to the ground holding his chest.

At the same time Nick killed the man he was also shot in the chest.

Nick's vision slowly became black and unfocused as he was dying, "In my next life I will make sure no one gets behind me again." Nick said to himself with his last breathes, as a assassin Nick knows what getting surprised from behind could mean, he had just knocked out and then later killed someone from behind after all.


Nick opens his eyes to a tried looking woman's face, smiling down at him, he first thinks that it is a nurse who is looking after him in the hospital after he got ran over and then shot but when he tried to reach his hand up to t

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