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amaliaverdezoto > Marvel : Blue Devil > 2 C2 : Growing up as a Stark & First Day
Nick's live as a Stark was a lot more quite then he thought it would be, especially after the news released articles about him day after day, things like how Stark Industries profit would go down because of me and that I might be the reincarnation of an Indian god, etc.

I would spend my day either playing with my mother or Tony, rather uncle Tony I should call him from now on. Then I would start the cycle of being feed from my mothers breasts, it took a lot to stop myself from blushing when she would bury my head in them everyday, I got used it eventually and it helped when I would remined myself that she is my mother, taking naps and getting changed by my mother, my shame is almost none existent at this point... god do a hope every night that I will forget this in the future.

...Three Months Later...

It has been three months since I was born and I'm bored out of my mind, the only thing I can do to starve this boredom is to play with my mother as she makes baby noises at me in the hope that I will talk and say my first words in front of her.

And I plan to do just that, it was a little while ago that my body matured enough for me to be able to talk but before I did talk to my mother, I want to practice getting used to talking first.

And so the day came and my mother was once again trying to get me to say mommy, "Come on honey say~ Mommy~ Mommy~." I looked up to her face and used the cutest face that I have perfected so far and said, "Mommy~."

It was like her heart leaped out of her chest when she heard me say mommy, she was squealing like a little girl and she then grabbed me under all my arms and held me above her head, "Say mommy again Honey, say mommy~."


"Well done honey hahaha, Jarvis did you record that." Jennifer called out loud.

"Yes Miss Stark, would you like me to replay it for you." A voice replied from out of nowhere, this was of course Jarvis, Just A Rather Very Intelligent System that uncle Tony had made to help him with his work, at the same time Jarvis said this the flat screen that was on the wall in the room turned on and showed a picture of Nick and Jennifer in the room that there in now.

"No, just send a video of it to Tony, he would probable like to see it." Jennifer said as she rocked Nick back and forth on her hip, all his hands were used to hold onto her jumper.

"There will be no need, Mister Stark already asked me to send him a video of Nick's first words to him if I ever saw them, he is actually watching it right now."

"Hahaha" Jennifer laughed.

...Two Months Later...

Nick is now five months old and he is now able to walk on his own two feet, with his tail helping him keep his balance it was pretty easy to go from crawling on all six's to walking.

Nick was also now able to talk more fluently and he also gradually dropped his baby act so that when he was acting normal in front of his mother she would think it was normal for him and that he didn't have so

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