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"What the f*uk!" Nick screamed when he saw his third eye.

It had the black sclera like his other eyes but the pupil was red with a black iris, 'Is this the same eye from Tokyo Ghoul?' Nick asked himself in his head.

"What's 'Tokyo Ghoul'?" Peter asked Nick.

"Huh, I didn't say that out loud, how did... I have telepathy now." Nick told Peter, "Ok, think of something and I'll try and read your mind."

"Ok ... (Can you hear me, umm, my favourite colours are red and blue.)" Peter said inside his head.

"Your favourite colours are red and blue ... so I can read mind's as well as telepathy, but it looks like it's only when I activate my third eye." Nick said as he looked at the red veins spreading out from his third eye.

Nick then willed the eye to close and it soon did, the red veins also disappeared.

"That's cool." Peter said as watched Nick's new eye close.

"Thanks." Nick replied as he looked down at the dried blood on all his wrists and tail.

He one of his hands closer to his eye and saw lots of tiny little barbs on his finger tips, "Hey, check your finger tips, mine have little barbs on them." Nick said to Peter.

"Barbs?" Peter said looking down at his hand, "Your right, I have them too... isn't that how spiders climb walls?" Peter said looking back to Nick.

"Try it out." He said as he pointed at one of his walls that had nothing on it.

Peter nodded his head to Nick and then walked up to the wall placing his hands on it, he felt that his hand was stuck and that he had to use some force to pull it away.

"I stick to the wall!" Peter shouted excitedly as he turned back to Nick.

"Well go ahead, try and climb the wall." Nick said as he rubbed his wrists, they were starting to hurt, the same with his tail.

Peter turned back to the wall and placed his hand back on it and then his feet, he was soon walking up the walk and hanging upside down on the ceiling.

"Hahaha, check this out, I'm walking on the ceiling." Peter said as he stood up on Nick's ceiling, raising his hands to celebrate and that's when one of his wrists shot out a white web that stuck to the floor.

"I can shoot webs as well! How did I do that." Peter said as he dropped off the ceiling, flipping and landing on the floor upright.

Peter then started making different hand signs, trying to shoot his web with each one.

Nick just walked up to Peter and showed him the hand sign, flexing his wrists which made a black web shoot from his wrist.

Peter followed what Nick did making another web shoot from his wrist, "How did you know how to shoot the web?" Peter asked Nick as he frowned.

"I saw you do it of course, if you haven't noticed already but we have heightened senses now." Nick lied but told Peter about the heightened senses to distract him from guessing the truth.

While Peter was trying out his new abilities Nick went back to looking at his wrists, even after he shot his web his wrists still hurt and so he tr

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