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"Huh, isn't that aunt May?" Peter said out loud without much thought, but you could see him putting two and two together as he looked one at Nick and May's naked forms.

'Oh no.' Was Nick's immediate thought.

"Now, Peter let's not jump to conclusions." Nick said trying to calm down his best friend.

And it seemed to be working until the worse thing that could happen in that moment, happened.

"Mmm, morning Nick," May said waking up, still have asleep, "That was amazing last night or should I say this morning, you do have incredible stamina. Do have anything else left in the tank." May flirted with Nick as she used one of her hands to grab ahold of Nick's member under the covers.

'Oh no.' Nick thought again, at the time his spider sense's were going haywire.

"Arr! I'll kill you!" Peter shouted will bloodlust as he jumped at Nick, his clenched fist cooked back and ready to inflict pain.

Nick grabbed May with his bottom arms and the blanket that he then used to cover May's naked body, he was already in the air before Peter even got to the bed.

Nick put May down where they landed and left her with the blanket, leaving him to the elements and everyone's clear view.

Peter landed on the wall above the bed and he turned to jump again at Nick but stopped when he saw Nick's member in the open.

He covered his face and dropped down on top of the bed, "God, put some clothes on!" His anger replaced with embarrassment.

"Hmm?" Nick pondered aloud to what Peter said and he then looked down and realized, "Oh, hahaha, sorry I forgot."

Nick then walked over to his chest of drawers and pulled out some black harem trousers, the same ones with dark blue wraps around the calf's and waist, showing then his deeply scared back in the process, it had some new fresh scratches along his shoulder blades.

When May and Peter saw his back they became a little depressed but they quickly noticed the new scratches and the sad look quickly became an embarrassed one.

Nick then put the clothes on and then turned back to Peter who was now off the bed and looking from Nick to May uncomfortably, with still a slight pink on his cheeks.

"Alright, I'm dressed, will you stay calm." Nick asked Peter.

Peter stared at Nick for a second before saying, "I will but you can't blame me for being anger, you slept with my aunt!" He shouted, embarrassment replaced with anger.

"Calm down, so what if I did, she isn't just your aunt, she's a woman as well, a damn fine one if you ask me." Nick said as he looked over at May who was wrapping the blanket tighter around her, giving her a flirtatious look as he looked up and down her body.

Seeing Nick's look May returned it and swayed her hips as she came over to them, standing next to Nick.

"Peter, Nick's right, plus I'm still young, I want to have fun now and again." She explained to Peter as she used her hand to feel across Nick's ten-pack abs, "A lot of fun." She said as she bit her l

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