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When Nick tried to pick up the hammer, it sparked with lighting before it lifted up from the ground and at that moment his mind, as if by someone elses hand, rewinded back to try time be teleported in front of Felicia to protect her from a hail storm of bullets that would have killed her otherwise, at that moment he showed that he was worthy enough to raise Mjolnir, he showed that he had the willingness to give his life in return for another's without any second thought.

It was also at that moment that Nick realised that Mjolnir was the who decided who was worthy, not Odin or his enchantment.

Nick traced his fingers over the hammer, running them along the engravings, "You're beautiful." Nick said to the hammer as he held it up to the light, the hammer sparked with lighting, happy with Nick's complement.

Nick then admired Mjolnir for a little bit more before he lowered his hand so it was down beside him and he then turned to Coulson who was shocked at what Nick just did, with his mouth wide open.

"Coulson I'm going to be gone for a little while but I'll leave a copy of the hammer here so when a muscular blond haired man breaks in, let him try and pick it up, then let him go after that, it's really important that you do that, it could be the difference between live and death of this planet if you don't do what I say, understand?" Nick asked Coulson, bringing him out of his daze.

"Y-yes, Mr. Stark, I'll do as you ask." Coulson said back.

Nick nodded to him and then looked down at the sand around his feet, "Shukaku make a copy of this hammer and leave it there." Nick said to the sand as he pointed at the place Mjolnir was at before.

The sand then moved by its self and converged on the middle of the creater, and slow the sand formed into an exact replica of Mjolnir, "Good, now make it so no one can pick it up." Nick said towards the new hammer.

If you were able to see underneath of the hammer then you be able to see the stone it was resting on turn to sand and also the bottom of the hammer become sand, with the two points joining together making a tight seal.

Nick nodded his head at that before he looked to the sky and raised Mjolnir above his head, "Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!" Nick screamed toward the sky.

Seconds later a blinding piller of light came crashing down on top of Nick and Mjolnir.

And just as suddenly it disappeared along with Nick, Coulson was beyond shocked this time, he looked around the hammer Nick left behind and hoped to find Nick, but all he found was the markings on the ground the Bifrost had left behind, Coulson worried about what to do next but then he remembered Nick's instructions from before and so he decided to just follow what he said and wait for Nick to come back from wherever he went.


Nick landed down on a golden floor, with lighting sparking around him, he looked up from the ground and saw a man with golden eyes in a gold suit of armour and a gold sword that he

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