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"Hey, your wings are really cool, can you take me for a ride handsome?" A beautiful, long white haired girl asked Nick as she walked up to him, Peter and Ned.

The white haired girl was very beautiful with large, heavy breast's that couldn't help but show through her black crop top jumper that showed off her toned stomach and depending on the winds direction, the edges of her black lace bra underneath it.

She was also wearing black jeans that hugged her thick behind nicely, the jeans also highlighted her muscular legs.

And then on her back she had a simple black rucksack that was mainly covered up by her long white hair that seemed to bounce with her as she walked.

Nick's first thought when he saw the white haired girl walking up to him was, '$10 this is Felicia Hardy who just moved to New York and has become a student at Midtown high, "coincidentally" right after I joined and showed off my teleporting ability.' Even though Nick though that inside his head he got a reply, 'Why would I take that bet if you already know that it is her? And how would I even pay my bet?' Kurama asked Nick as he huffed.

'I think he didn't actually mean to make a literal bet.' The Phoenix said to Kurama.

'You two just take all the fun out of it.' Nick said to the two beasts that lived inside his head as he sighed inside without showing any changes outside.

'Also Nick, this girl is effecting the probability fields around you, be careful, it looks like she is doing it subconsciously but you will be effected if your not careful.' The Phoenix warned Nick.

'Ok thanks.' Nick said to the Phoenix, he then thought to himself, 'In this universe she must have her powers to change the probability of things happening around her.'

While Nick thought to himself, Ned and Peter just gawked at her beauty, Nick then actually turned to her and answered her question, "Thanks, I just grew them out and I don't mind taking you for a flight but first, who are you? I'm Nick, this is Peter and Ned." Nick said to Felicia as he pointed to Peter and Ned with different hands, and at the same time he also extended his top right hand towards her so that they could shake hands.

Felicia smiled as she took Nick's hand and shuck it, Nick could feel that the palms of her hands had small rough calluses that showed her hard work in her physical activities.

'She has already started training with her father then, she shouldn't have put her talents to use yet though and she isn't giving off any negative energy, so she hasn't gone through her terrible experience that made her Black Cat yet either.' Nick thought as he used Kurama's sense's to see if she had any negative energy around her.

At the same time Nick was analysing Felicia, she was also doing same to him, 'He's strong, very strong and his mutant abilities just make him even more dangerous, the calluses on his palms and knuckles point towards martial arts training, plus the extra arms and tail he won't be easy to beat unless I had the element of surprise and he was on his sick bed with both a foot and his tail in the grave... well no use thinking about that anymore then, I might as well enjoy the tight piece of ass in front of me.' Felicia thought as she looked towards Nick butt as she bit her lower lip.

"And you are?" Nick asked again as Felicia just continued to look over Nick's muscular body hungrily.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Felicia Hardy, I just moved to New York and I joined the school today and I don't know anybody so I thought that I should start by talking to the the most interesting person here." Felicia introduced herself, clearing her head of all dirty thoughts as she did, it was apart of her training to always be focused and not lose site of the target and that target just so happened to be Nick.

"Well I never say no to more friends, so I don't see why not, come on we can go to the Stark Industries building here in New York and you guys can help me get used to flying with more people."

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