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"We need to talk."

When Felicia heard Fury she became very shocked but Nick wasn't wasn't, he held onto her to calm her down and once she relaxed he teleported so he was standing next to Fury.

Fury didn't act shocked that Nick suddenly appeared next to him but the hand on his holster said differently, "You don't mind if I just call you Fury right, it's a bit confusing if there's two Nick's." Nick said as he put one of his hands on Fury's shoulder, he then turned to Felicia who was now sitting up on the sofa.

"I won't be gone long Kitten." Nick smiled at Felicia and then soon Nick and Fury were gone leaving behind a cloud of red smoke.


"Where are we?" Fury asked Nick as he looked around himself, out at the desert they were standing in.

Nick took a step back from Fury and crossed all his arms as he looked over him, "I'd thought you would be more impressive for the greatest spy in the world." Nick said as he stared down Fury.

Fury stopped looking around and stared straight back at Nick, "Well it's hard to compare when pit up against you Nick Stark." Fury said back as they looked at each other in silence, testing to see who would break first, it was Fury, "I'm putting together a team and I think that you and your uncle would be perfect for it."

"The avengers initiative right? A team of super powered individuals that will protect the world from threats that you can't, I'm I right?" Nick smiled when he saw Fury's eye twitch as an indication to his surprised he actually was.

"How do you know so much? Even how I loss my eye, tell me what else you know." Fury asked Nick.

"No that would be a spoiler and I can't really trust someone who lives in a Hydras nest, can never be to careful with who you trust even if that person is a seemingly harmless cat lookalike." Nick hinted to Fury so that he would start making preparations for the double agents in S.H.I.E.L.D.

When Fury heard Nick's hint he finally reacted, opening his eye wide and opening his mouth slightly in shock, "Hydra in S.H.I.E.L.D? Are you sure? How can you know, Hydra was destroyed." He quickly asked Nick.

"I just know and I'm not going to help anymore then that, but just know that you own me one." Nick said as he pointed at Fury with both of his right arms.

Fury just nodded his head back at Nick.

"Now come on, you need to convince my uncle to join your little club, tell him that I agreed and he might actually listen." Nick said before he grabbed Fury by his shoulder and teleported away from the desert.


"Hey I'm back, what I'd miss?" Nick asked Felicia as he dived onto the sofa, in the space behind her that she had left for Nick.

"Not much, who was that guy with the eye patch?" Felicia asked Nick as she grabbed one of his bottom hands and wrapped it around her waist.

"Oh just the director of the most secret government agency and the greatest spy in the world." Nick said plainly.

"What?!" She screamed as she spun around so she was facing Nick again.

"What do you mean a secret government agency?! And a spy?!" Felicia asked panicked as she grabbed his t-shirt and started shaking him.

"I mean what I said, but don't worry he doesn't really care about your dad, he's too small time for his level." Nick told her dropping a bomb suddenly and with out warning.

And as soon as the bomb hit her she stopped shaking him as her face became shocked and dazed, until she asked him, "How long have you known?" She said as she looked down, resting her forehead against his chest.

"Don't worry Kitten, I don't care about some little cat burglar especially when you consider what else is out there." Nick said before he pulled her into his chest, holding her tight, "I wouldn't care even if your family were a bunch of shape shifting aliens."

When she heard that she was confused, "What? There's shape shifting aliens." She asked him in confusion as she looked up at him.

"Yeah, don't worry I'll tell y

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