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"Mom, look who's home!" Nick said after he teleported them both back home, into the living room where Jennifer was watching the news to see if there was anything about Tony and Nick.

"Tony! Nick! I'm so glad you two are ok!" She said as she brought them both into a hug.

"Arr! Easy woman! I'm injured!" He said as he grabbed the mini ark reactor in his chest.

"I'm just so glad you're both home." She said as she broke into tears of happyness.

Nick brought her into a hug and as Jennifer cried into his chest he asked his uncle, "So, uncle Tony what is that and why is it in your chest?"

"I was blown up by a missile and the strapnel is still in my body, they put a electro magnet in my chest to stop the strapnel from moving closer to my heart, the elector magnet was attached to a car battery and that was hard to lug around so I upgraded." He explained with a proud toothy grin, at the same time pointing at the mini ark reactor in his chest.

"I made this mini ark reactor to power the electro magnet and in essence, my life."

Nick was the first to say anything, "That's incredible, and you did this in a cave?" Nick had always thought that it was cool that Tony was able to make the mini ark reactor out of missiles and other parts.

"That's right, your uncle is amazing. Now can you take me to a hospital, that crash landing was tough even if you did soften it." Tony said deflating a little.

"Sure thing." Nick said right before he was going to teleport.

"Wait, lets get a cheese burger first and then the hospital." Tony said changing his mind.

"No! Your going to the hospital, now!" Jennifer screamed at Tony.

"Fine... " Tony said giving in, but he then leaned over to Nick and whispered, "Can you get me one, while I'm getting checked out."

Nick just smiled and teleported them all to a hospital.


"Hey would it be alright if we all just sat down, so that you can see me and I can see you." Tony said as he was sat down in front of the podium.

The news reporters in front of him look around to see if anyone was joking with them but they soon followed Tony's action.

Nick was already sitting down next to him, he was looking over at Tony's assistant, Pepper Potts, she was talking to Agent Coulson, he quickly left after that, probably to hide from Nick so that he wouldn't be questioned as to why he was there.

"When I was over there I saw young men die from the weapons I had made for peace, instead they were being used for something much worse and that is why I am immediately stopping production of all weapons from Stark industries." Tony said as he stood up abruptly, Obadiah besides them became panicked and tried to stop them and calm down the press.

Tony nodded to Nick and they then teleported away.


Tony was test a flight stabilizer when Pepper walked down the stairs to Tony's workshop.

"Didn't you hear me calling you?"

"What?" Tony asked as he was trying to lift his arm off t

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