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amaliaverdezoto > Marvel : Blue Devil > 15 C15 : Meeting the Wolverine Part 1
"It happened when I was younger, I was practicing my teleporting one day... "


A small child could be seen jumping around the woods, from tree branch to tree branch, this child looked around 10 years old and he had light blue skin, grey hair, a tail and a four arms.

His entire body was very muscular for someone his age but you could still tell he was a child from the small amount of remaining baby fat on his cheeks.

This child was of course Nick when he was around 8 or 10 years old, he had teleported away from home to train his abilities where no one could see him and be overly worried about his safety like his mother who had been recently super protective, I mean you bring home one measly Bengal tiger as a pet and suddenly everybody looses their minds, Nick thought to himself as he let out a sigh.

He dropped down from the tree he was standing on and walked a couple steps before he heard a movement from behind him, he quickly spun around towards the sound and released his tail stinger, ready to defend himself if necessary.

A section of the forest floor had separated from the ground and was lifted up by the machinery underneath it, a gun turret was now pointed right at him.

"What?" Nick exclaimed surprised by the gun turret that had just risen from the ground.

Before he had the chance to do anything thing else a tranquilizer dart was shot out of the turret and hit him straight in the chest.

"Huh... " Nick slurred his words as he looked down at the dart that was letting it's transparent green contents pour into chest, into his blood stream.

Nick quickly pulled the dart out of his chest with a shaky hand and when he tried to get away by teleporting.

He was only able to teleport a couple meters before he collapsed down to the ground.

Nick was laying flat on the forest floor, breathing heavy with sweat dripping down his forehead, he couldn't move a muscle and when he tried to teleport he just felt his strength get sapped faster so he decided to stop and keep his remaining strength to try and fight off who ever made the gun turret that shot him.

Around 5 minutes passed before Nick could hear steps coming up behind him, they weren't hurried or very loud, you could tell from the sound of the person's walk that they were very light on there feet.

The walking stopped right behind Nick, seconds passed without anything happening, Nick was still breathing heavily but it wasn't as strained as he was before.

The person looked down at Nick and suddenly moved down towards Nick, as the person was crouching down near Nick he took some deep breaths through his nose, like he was smelling Nick.

"What do we have hear?" The man said rhetorically, his voice was rough and it seemed to have an ever present angry tone and his breath stank of cigar smoke and alcohol, Nick could also smell a subtle scent of blood which worried him even more than when the man smelling him.

When Nick was cringing at the foul smell coming from behind him when he could feel a hand grab the back of his head, lifting him off the ground and into the air to face the man who was holding him up with one hand by the back of his head.

"Hahaha, looks like I court myself a little blue mutant." The man laughed in Nick's face, the man had brown hair, a beard that covered most of his face, yellow teeth that looked extra animalistic, with his sharp canines.

"Who are you?" Nick squeezed out between heavy breaths, his heaving chest made his limp body shake in the air.

"Oh, this is a surprise, you're still awake and pretty sharp for someone who got hit by one of Stryker's special tranquilizing darts, hahaha, he could probably use you then." The man grinned sadistically.

When Nick heard that name it made his mind work, thinking of where he had heard that name before and then it suddenly hit him, Stryker is the man who experimented on Wolverine and gave him his adamantium skeleton and claw's and that would also mean that the ma

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