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amaliaverdezoto > Marvel : Blue Devil > 18 C18 : Gathering Evidence Part 1
Tony was trying to remove the armour with the robotic arms, Nick was standing close by watching in amusement as Tony struggled.

"So how did it go, was there any trouble?" Nick asked his uncle with his top arms crossed and his bottom ones in his pockets.

"Just a couple highly armed terrorists, you know the usual, oh and I got shot down by a tank." Tony smirked to himself.

Nick just stood there and nodded his head half listening and half still thinking about May and what they did last night and what he told her and Peter just a couple of minutes ago.

After Nick had finished telling his whole story and after Nick got a couple more comforting hugs from May, he teleported them both back to their apartment with a promise to talk to them both later.

After they both got some real rest, May about where they stand relationship wise and to Peter about what he was working on all night.

"Nick? Nick!" Tony shouted from the middle of a group of moving robot arm's, shouting to get the attention of his dazed nephew.

"Huh, what is it uncle?" Nick said to Tony, looking back up at him.

"Why are you so unfocused? You still thinking about last night? Sorry I had to ditch you and your friend last night, but I'm sure there wasn't any problems right?" Tony asked Nick as he struggled with the robot arm trying to take off his chest piece.

"Huh, oh, yeah everything went fine." Nick said as he looked away from Tony to try and hide some of his embarrassment about what he and May did after they left the event.

"Haha, what's with that look? Did something actually happen last night? Between you and your little aunt May friend?" Tony asked with a cheeky smirk as he looked back at Nick.

Nick just looked away again, not denying anything or confirming anything either.

"Hahaha, so my little blue nephew's finally become a man, hahaha. Just wait, me and you will hit the town and have some goo-" Tony laughed as he talked to Nick, looking forward as he did, so he didn't see a red headed woman come down the stairs.

"Some good what? Exactly what are you intending to do with your nephew when 'hit the town'?" Pepper said interrupting Tony in the middle of what he was saying when she came through the broken glass door, her face angry, probably at the thought of Tony corrupting Nick with his play boy ways and because Tony also ditched her last night as well.

"Huh, well I can expla-" Tony began but was cut off once again when Pepper shouted.

"Are those bullet holes!" She shouted as she looked shocked at the torn up armour Tony was still having trouble with.

Nick quickly butted in before Tony could speak, trying to get out of the awkward situation as quickly as he could, "Well this is my exit, Pepper can help you with gathering evidence, just call me when you need help, bye!" Nick said to Tony before he immediately teleported away.

Tony and Pepper were left looking at each other, Tony nervous and alittle scared of Peppers wrat

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