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Nick continued to fly through the air, weaving in and out of the different types of forges that were in his way.

Nick was flying closer and closer to the hammer sounds, he could soon see the sparks of the hammer striking a long piece of metal, the sparks highlighted the outline of a giant man, he was at least 10 feet tall and he had brown hair with a great big bushy beard.

The giant was using his hammer to hit a long piece of metal that was red with extreme amounts if heat, the glow coming from the inside of the metal, the hammer strikes shaped the red metal into a point, and with each strike the red glow returned to the cold silver of the metal.

Nick pointed Mjolnir down so he would land in the ground just behind the giant, and with a mighty thud he landed on the ground in a slight crouch from the impact.

"Eitri, I need you to make me something, I think you will find it pretty interesting." Nick smiled to himself as he looked at Eitri's back.

When Eitri suddenly heard his name he froze, he then returned his hammer to his belt and the used the tongues he was using to hold the metal in place to move the metal to a vat of oil beside him, he then dunked the metal in to the oil and as he did the metal steamed and sizzled with life as the metal cooled.

Once it was he rested the metal down in the anvil and turned to face Nick, he didn't give off any surprise when he saw Nick but when Nick felt his eyes go over the Eternal Flame and Mjolnir he saw Eitri's eyes widen slightly.

"What are you doing here demon? Why do you have Mjolnir? And what happened to Thor if you have her?" Eitri asked Nick.

"Okay from the very beginning, I'm not a demon I'm a human from Earth or as you call it Midgard, I'm borrowing her from Thor for a little bit and I plan to give her back after you have agreed to help me with my little plan, and finally Thor is on Midgard, striped of his powers, by Odin of course, so he can learn a lesson and hopefully rid him of his arrogance, Oh I should also tell you that Odin recently put an enchantment on Mjolnir, it stops people from picking her up and they only can if she decides they are worthy." Nick explained, and as he did Eitri just listened silently.

He then looked towards Mjolnir and then said to Nick, "Let me see." He commanded Nick.

Nick ignored his tone and just waited to watch a good show, and so Nick threw the hammer towards Eitri, he did it in a way that it would just land right in front of him unless he tried to catch it.

Eitri held out his hand and let Mjolnir fall on top of it, but unlike what Nick thought would happen Eitri was actually able to hold Mjolnir with out strain, he then began looking it over.

"Huh? How are you able to pick it up?" Nick asked Eitri shocked at what he saw.

"I made her, of course she sees me as worthy." Eitri said to Nick with an arrogant tone.

Nick just gave up on seeing Eitri fail and instead wait for him to finish looking Mjolnir over.

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