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"What the hell- What happen to the Brat?"

Kurama said as he looked around the mind landscape, his eyes settled down onto Nick's figure.

Kurama's eyes widened in surprise but then they quickly became a glare filled with killing intent that reminded Nick of Sabertooth, a wild and animalistic bloodlust that prickled the hairs on the back of his neck.

"Who are you?" Kurama questioned Nick as he brought his head down to Nick's level with his tails waving behind him.

Nick stood his ground against Kurama's bloodlust and chose to look into Kurama's red eyes for a couple seconds before he spoke, "My name is Nick Stark, you should be called Kurama, yes?" Nick asked Kurama.

The fox's eyes widened again at being called by his name, "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME?!" Kurama scream at Nick, his hot breath making Nick's clothes flap.

"Well because I watched you tell Naruto your name of course." Nick told the fox like it was a matter of fact.

Kurama was stunned, "What do you mean?" Kurama asked more calm and curious then surprised at Nick now.

"It's like this, you, Naruto, ninja's, the Uchiha and their sharingans and everything like that is all just fiction in my world, you are just a collection of my memories of you, transformed into what you are know when I poured my energy or chakra as you would call it into those memories." Nick explained to Kurama.

Listening to what Nick was telling him, Kurama was once again stunned, "I'm not real ... but I remember the old man, my different containers, that Brat, Naruto! How could that all be fiction?!" Kurama screamed at Nick and then started growling and getting ready to pounce at Nick.

Seeing this Nick was ready to teleport at a moment's notice, "There probably is a world out there where you and Naruto actually exist and not just as story's like in my world, but you," Nick said as he used one of his hands to point at Kurama's nose, "Are not the same Kurama as that one, you were just born a couple seconds ago after all. You just have that Kurama's memories because that is the base a used when making you, make sense now?" Nick asked as he looked up at the angry fox meters away from him.

Hearing Nick's explanation Kurama leaned back into a sitting position, "What proof do you have?" Kurama asked Nick through questioning eyes.

"Mmm, well your in my mind-scape for one." Nick said as he gestured for Kurama to look around, Kurama did and finally paid some attention to Atlas who was still holding up the sky, Kurama's mouth actually opened, he was jaw dropped at what he was seeing, he slowly turned his head back to Nick who was watching him in amusement, barely holding in his laughs, "Hahaha, I bet you've never been speechless before, hahaha, the look on your face when you saw Atlas, hahaha, it's priceless, haah, I'm definitely going to enjoy watching that memory over and over." Nick laughed at Kurama's gob-smacked look.

"GRRR! What's so funny?!" Kurama shouted at Nick again as he stared down at him.

"You are, silly!" Nick shouted back with a wide grin.

Kurama eyes twitched slightly at Nick honest statement but he just huffed and sat back up straight, looking away from Nick as he said, "Ok, so let's say this is your mind, who is that big gold guy?" He said as he turned back to look at Atlas, "You said Atlas before." He said turning back to Nick.

"This is my mind and he is the one who keeps it from collapsing, I think, I might have unconsciously made him from my mental chakra, when my mind was under extreme stress, so that I didn't go crazy or something." Nick explained straight forwardly, Kurama just nodded his furry head and decided to leave it at that and move on.

"And you made me from your physical chakra I take it." Kurama asked Nick.

"Yeah, so my going to need your help for alittle while until I'm all topped back up again, I don't want to die suddenly after all, hehehahaha." Nick laughed, in the back of his mind he was thinking about the Jo

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