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amaliaverdezoto > Marvel : Blue Devil > 16 C16 : Meeting the Wolverine Part 2
"Alright let's go kid." Logan said as he released his claw's again, holding his arms down by his sides, running off down another one of the corridor's.

"My name's Nick." Nick replied from Logan's back.


Logan was running down the corridor when a metal door in front of them opens, a blonde haired woman with long, sharp, metal nails dashed out.

The very same woman who had been torturing Nick for the last couple weeks; she was now rushing towards Logan and Nick with her sharp nails out, ready to attack them.

"Hahaha, have you come to play with little old me, aren't you just the sweetest, my little blue baby, hahaha!" The blonde woman giggled sadistically as she made a her way towards them.

When she was within range of Logan's claw's he took a swing and tried to cut her in half, but she was able to jump over the top of them both, avoiding Logan's attack.

She then landed in a position where she could attack Nick and Logan's back with her nails and so she springed from her landing spot and drives froward at Nick's small open back.

Her metal nails were center meters away from Nick's back when she suddenly froze, her body shuddered as she took a step back.

Blood dripped down from her lips and after she took one more step back she looked down at her chest where she saw Nick's stinger lodged in the side of her chest.

Nick had reacted fast when he saw her leap over the top of them, releasing his stinger and striking at where he predicted her to land.

Nick took his stinger out of the woman's chest and made a whipping motion with his tail, making most of the fresh blood leave his stinger and he then returned it to his tail.

Logan was used to leaving his back wide open because he knew that his healing would fix any injuries he sustained and so he didn't immediately turn around to meet the attack.

And he wasn't used to Nick being on his back either and so his past habits were still in effect.

If Nick didn't make the first move and take the initiative to attack first the blondes woman's attack would have liked killed him, plus he wanted to get a little bit of revenge for what she had been doing to him.

Logan turned around and stared down at the woman's pale face, she still had a crazy, sadistic smile on her face.

"So you can play rough," *cough, spit* She coughed and spat out bright red blood as she tried to talk, "Hah, if you want too, hahaha."

Logan didn't waste his breath on her and immediately cut her head off with his claw's and he then started to run down the corridor again.

"What's that thing in your tail? It looks a lot like my old bone claw's." Logan asked Nick as he ran, cutting down a locked door in front of them at the same time tanking the bullet's that were fired at him when he rushed into the room.

Logan quickly killed every one he came across and then started run again, but only after he waited for the bullet's stuck in his chest to pop out and for the wounds to heal.

After that there wasn't any signs of more people coming to attack them so Nick started talking again.

"It's my stinger, I was born like this," He said to Logan as he lifted a hand from Logan's chest and put it in his sight, to show he meant his blue skin and four arms, "My teleporting powers only developed later."

"Hmm, I wonder if you are in anyway related to me." Logan wonder aloud.

Logan's thought surprised Nick and also made him think, 'Could I actually be one of Logan's descendents? He certainly has lived long enough for it to be possible.'

"How long have you been alive anyway? You can heal 'extremely' quickly, so you could be pretty old by now." Nick asked Logan as they continued to rush down the corridor.

"You little! *hah* I'm not that old and I can heal quickly because that is my ability. I don't exactly remember how old I am but there is definitely a possibility that you are related to me, if you're stinger is any indication." Logan retaliated w

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