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Nick had teleported them both to his room, where they continue to make out.

As they were kissing they slowly moved over to the edge of Nick's bed, May fell over the beds edge onto the top of the bed and Nick followed after her, hovering over the top of her.

They continue kissing each other passionately on top of the bed, May now had her arms around Nick's back, she was desperately trying to take his clothes off.

Nick also had one of his hands on her back, unzipping her dress.

But it was getting difficult when the zipper got stuck on her behind, when May felt Nick having trouble the the zip she raised her hips from the bed for him to unzip her dress the rest of the way, she used one of her legs to hold onto Nick as he took her dress off her.

May's dress was now off, thrown to the side, she was in her alluring black lingerie, with the thin straps that covered her chest.

She was breathing heavily and her face seemed to have a constant blush on her cheeks.

While all of this was going on Nick was using his bottom hands to undo his belt and strip him of his trousers, his footwear kicked off long ago.

After taking off some of their clothes Nick and May went back to a heated make out session, which lead to them rolling around on the bed to where May was straddling Nick's waist, at that point their lips separated and they each court their breaths.

May was looking down at Nick from where she sat on top of him, her face was still covered in a slight blush that would temp those with the strongest of wills.

Nick was also breathing heavily with lust and he was quickly using all his hands to undo his shirt buttons, not long later his dark blue shirt was on the ground next to May's black dress.

May took her time admiring Nick's body, his ten-pack abs softened and hardened again with Nick's breathing, from his abs to his neck; May's eyes wondered across his body.

If May was guilty of peeping at Nick's body then Nick was just as guilty, he was looking over her body with hungry eyes, ever curve and supple muscle on her stomach didn't escape his heighten sight, 'God, I just love the way her abs make her stomach look chiseled and smooth, a master piece.' Nick thought to himself as he used his bottom hands to stroke her stomach and her full hips.

Nick was just about to start kissing her again when May put her hands on his chest, to try and keep him in place.

"Nick, wait, this isn't right, you are way to young, we can't do this... " May said to Nick as sense returned to her eyes.

"You didn't seem to have a problem with looking at my body in a provocative way and I didn't have a problem with it either, if I did I wouldn't have been teasing you at every chance I got." Nick argued back, as he rested his bottom hands back down on her hips.

"It's still not right, I mean there is a ten year difference between us after all." May said back to Nick, deflating slightly at Nick's displeasure.

"I don't care." Nick said as he forced himself up from the bed, even with May's hands there to stop him, she didn't offer much resistance.

Nick kissed May passionately, forcing so much pleasure on her that she didn't resist the rest of Nick's kisses, even taking the lead again and pushing him back down on the bed again, all reason kicked to the back of her mind.

As the kissing became more intense more articles of clothing became striped off in the heat of passion, May's lingerie had been taken off by Nick's tail as they were kissing, thrown to the side, next to the beds pillow's.

Nick's underwear was taken off by May as she kissed and left hickey's on Nick's abs, the blue skin thin enough that she was able to leave behind red marks.

Now they were both completely naked, and May couldn't stop herself from looking down at Nick's d*ck, she was visibly shocked at what she saw, "H- hey Nick, your hard no right?" She asked her voice shaking.

"Huh, no I'm not hard yet why are you... " Nick s

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