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"Oh, hey, grandpa." Nick said to Logan as he waved at him with a top hand.


Logan said when he heard Nick call him grandpa, "Why are you calling me grandpa? And what did you do to these two?!" Logan asked Nick as he gestured too Hank on the sofa and Charles's depressed form, that was in front of his desk.

"Huh, oh, just defended myself, but enough about them, I want to talk about you, how have you been? It has been like 7-8 years since I've seen you. Were you able to get revenge?" Nick asked Logan as he walked over to Logan, giving him a big hug with all his arms, Nick hugged his grandfather for a couple seconds more before he gave one last squeeze and then patted him on the back with all his hands.

"Haha, I remember the last time we hugged, you were like a giant to me back then but I guess that has changed now." Nick laughed as he held Logan by his shoulder, standing over him a little with his 2meters hight.

Logan was stunned during the entire exchange, but he quickly remember what was going on, "What? Why are you acting like we know each other? And why did you call me grandpa?!" Logan asked Nick again, you could tell he was getting more agitated, his claw's still by his sides.

"Huh, you don't remember?" Nick acted surprised as he looked at Logan, "Do you have memory loss?" Nick asked Logan.

" ...How do you now that?" Logan asked Nick cautiously.

"Your my grandfather, of course I knew you have memory problems, I just thought this pervert would have fixed them by now, haah, well I'll just fix them while I'm here." Nick told Logan as he turned around to look at Charles, he then walked over too him and stood over him.

"What are you doing?" Logan asked concerned for Charles, taking a couple steps forward at the same time.

"I'm just going to shake him up a bit." Nick smiled as he answered Logan, he then put one of his top hands on Charles shoulder and pushed him back into his chair so that he was looking up and he then slapped him, hard.

There was no visible reaction from Charles.

The sound of the slap resounded throughout the room, "Wha-" Logan exclaimed stunned but before he could finish he was cut off by another loud slap that Nick delivered to the side of Charles's face.

"He doesn't appear to be snapping out of it ... oh well a couple more should do the trick." Nick said as he raised his free hand up for another slap.


Right when Nick was about to bring his hand down for another slap, his hand was frozen in place.

Nick turned around to see that it was a short red head girl that had shouted out, she hand her hands out in front of her like she was holding something in place, but is was clear that she was struggling to hold her hands up.

This was of course Jean Grey, she was holding back Nick's hand from hitting the Professor's face with her telekinetic power's but she was struggling to hold him back because of how strong Nick was, if you looked closely at Jean you would see sweat break out from her forehead because of the strain she was under, 'How is he this strong?!' Jean thought to herself.

When you looked over at Nick you would see some who was calming taking a walk through the park.

Nick pushed through the telekinetic force that was trying to stop him from moving and walked over to Logan and Jean, all whilst he felt like he was walking under water.

"Isn't that cute, she's trying so hard but she still can't stop me, haha." Nick laughed at Jean as she tried to push her powers harder, but Nick just stood still with his arms crossed, next to Logan as they both looked at the struggling red headed teenager.

"Don't tease her Mr. Stark. She is just looking out for me." Charles said from behind Nick and Logan.

When Jean heard Charles she stopped her useless struggle and ran over to his side, Logan retracted his claw's and wait beside Nick to see what would happen next, it would depend on what Charles said next, if he will attack Nick or welcome him.

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