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Nick had teleported them all away, he had teleported them to his home, in the living room.

The first thing they saw was Nick's Mum, Jennifer, she was watching the news and she had a worried look on her face, but as soon as she heard the familiar bamf sound she ran towards Nick hugging him tightly, she completely disregarded Hulk even though he was standing right there and also Abominations body which was hanging limp in the air.

"Don't worry I'm okay Mum, I didn't even break a sweat taking care of him." Nick tried to reassure her.

"That won't stop me from worrying about you!" She shouted at him, with tears in her eyes.

During all this Hulk just watched them and looking around himself, but that's when Jennifer finally noticed him.

She wasn't shocked or even scared, she simply asked him, "Are you hungry? I was just about to make dinner, you can join us." She asked him, she only acted like this because she was already used to people who looked a little different, she was the one who gave birth to Nick after all and he looked stranger then Hulk did.

Hulk just nodded his head to Jennifer and his stomach growled hungrily at the mention of food, "Hulk likes meat." Hulk said as he looked at Jennifer hopefully.

"Don't worry I make lots for you." Jennifer replied happily.

Nick smiled at this bit then said to them, "Hulk just sit here and try not to break anything, while Mum makes something for you, I need take care of this body." Nick said before he teleported up to his room.


Nick had taken the body with him for two reasons, one was to stop more like him being made from his blood and the second was because of what Kurama had told him a little bit a go, he told him that a golden energy had absorbed Abominations energy and taken that energy back into his body and that he sensed Nick's chakra increase like when he was hit by the ark reactor blast.

Nick up the body down and then teleported away again.


Nick appeared in a partially destroyed building they was high tech equipment all around him but most of it was broken, they was a body with a deformed head, he was alive though.

Nick looked around and saw a room with glass cases, the cases were filled with blood pack's.

"I'm at the right place." Nick said to himself before he walked up to the deformed man, he first focused inside himself and once he found what he was looking for he focused it outside his body, it was the golden energy that circulated his body and the same energy that let him absorb all types of energy, converting it into chakra.

He let the golden energy cover the deformed man and soon results showed, the man's head began to collapse in on it's self, reshaping into a normal head size, and once he was complete the golden energy withdrew it's self without Nick controlling it too.

"I'm glad that worked, I didn't want to kill him unnecessarily." Nick said before he stood back up and he then walk around the lab attaching his golden energy to any blood be could find.

The blood was of course Hulk's blood and it was filled with energy that Nick's golden energy could absorb.

Once Nick sweeped the lab he moved on to the glass case room, walk through the doors he looked at all the cases, he made two chakra hands and let the golden energy cover them like a glove and he once again sweeped the room of all Hulk's blood, taking all it's energy.

Once he was finished he then used his Byakugan to see if he was missing any and once he saw that he wasn't he teleported away again.


Nick teleported back to his room and used the golden energy to absorb all the energy from Abominations body, once he was done nothing was left of his body, all of it had been absorbed and turned into chakra, "Just where did this golden energy come from." Nick wondered aloud, but he soon gave up on it and decided to enjoy spending some time with his Mum, it had been a while since he had really seen her after all.


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