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amaliaverdezoto > Marvel : Blue Devil > 17 C17 : Meeting the Wolverine Part 3
Nick opened his mouth to say something but was stopped when a double barreled shot gun was pointed at the back of Logan's head.

"What the hell are you doing here? And why the hell are you both covered in blood?" A old man asked them from the other end of the shot gun.

Logan was distracted when he was concentrating on sewing up Nick's wounds and so he didn't smell or sense the old man come into the house and put a gun to his head but even though the old man was able to get behind him Logan wasn't worried, he was now able to take an RPG to the face and walk away from it a minute later.

But with Nick right next to him if the man did shoot it would not only destroy the flesh on the back of his head but it would also hit Nick so Logan acted quickly and released his claw's and span around and swiped right through the gun barrel before the old man could even react.

"What the-!" The old man screamed when he finally caught up with reality and realised what was happening, Logan stood back up straight after his large swing and retracted his claw's, he brought back one of his hands with a tightly clenched fist ready to deliver a powerful punch to the old man's aged face, his other hand was grabbing ahold of the old man's collar, lifting him off the ground.

"You bast*rd! You would have hit the kid if you shooted!" Logan was just about to punch the old man when the kitchen door opened and an old woman ran in screaming.

"Please stop! Let him go!" She screamed as she held onto the old man from his front, trying to protect him from Logan.

Seeing this old woman's dramatic display of self sacrifice, Logan became anger, it was like she was making him out to be the bad guy, but he was also awoken from his hate for the old man, even though he had a gun to his head moments before that only happened because he had broken it to their home.

So Logan loosened his hold on the old man and let him back down to the ground where the woman then dragged him as far away from Logan and Nick as she could, which wasn't far with her weak arms.

The old man gasped for air for a couple seconds before he talked, his wife was next to him crying on his arm, "Hah, what are you doing in my house?" The old man asked with a shake in his voice.

Logan was still a little anger at being treated like the villain and so he didn't answer and just looked at them with spite, that's when a weak but clear voice came from behind Logan, "Grandpa, sit down, have a glass of water or something, yeah, how about we all have some water to calm us all down." Nick said as he looked towards the old couple.

The old couple had surprised looks on their faces when they heard Nick, the old man knew that there was two people in his house but he couldn't see fully because Logan blocked his view when he entered the house and so he didn't realize that the other person was actually a blue, four armed child with a long versatile tail.

The old woman strayed outside like her husb

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