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"Mom where did you put our wetsuits? We want to go to the ocean in a minute." Darya called out to her mother who was cleaning up the food mess along with Ramon and Michael.

"You told me you had all of your supplies, where did you last put them?" She shouted down the hall.

"I'll go help her Miss Denise," Marty said as he laid a plate in the sink along with the rest of the dishes then rushed off to Darya's room.

He walked into her room and looked over the deep blue walls he helped her paint a few summers ago. The seashells they had collected over the years laid on her dresser and a few shelves. Pictures littered the walls of their adventures over the last thirteen years. They had been best friends since they were two years old when Marty and his fathers moved into the town.

He began going through her closet and room, he knew the room like the back of his hand. He had spent just as many nights here as his own house and she knew his house just as well. Tossing some shoes aside he finds what she's been looking for in the dark corner of her closet.

"Dar found them." He said as he came out of the closet and met her butt that was in the air as she looked on the other side of her bed by the wall.

"Darya!" He shouted so she would get out of the crack between her bed and the wall. She clumsily got out from in between the crack and smiled at him.

"Yes! Are you ready to go diving?" She asked excited to be in the sea again and so was Marty. Their parents always told them they had to be part fish since they loved to be in the water so much.

Darya and Marty began to slip on their wetsuits after stripping down when her mother came in with a smile plastered across her face from a joke Ramon had just told her.

"Darya don't forget to take the bandages off before slapping that suit on yourself. Your rash needs the saltwater, it seems to be the only thing that helps it." Denise reminded her as Darya was nearly dressed. Marty zipped the back of his suit up and gathered the rest of the supplies they needed to go diving. Masks, snorkels, fins, and flashlights for when they go really deep he had even brought his headlamps so they didn't have to hold them this time.

"How is your rash doing? Between that and asthma, it's almost like you're allergic to the air around you." Marty jokes earning a punch in the arm from Darya. Wincing he gave her a shot back before heading to the living room.

Darya bent down to her shins and peeled the bandages off her calves and the front of her shins. The rash looked red, puffy, and angry. She was so ready to soak it in some cold seawater, for her it seemed to cure everything. She had been swimming since she was about a year old. Her mother joined her for classes when she was little so that when they went to the beach that was just outside their back door, she would know her daughter knew how to swim.

She was an excellent swimmer, best on the high school team and she even took up scuba divi

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