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Darya twisted and turned through the water enjoying every second of being as free as she could think. Raj watched his daughter with a bright smile on his face. There was so much for her to learn and he wanted to teach her all of it. But there were some pressing issues they needed to work out before they got to the kingdom.

Raj waved his arms, trying to get her attention. After Darya did her hundredth twist and turn she stopped when she noticed him trying to get her attention. Gliding over to Raj, a thought hit Darya...How was she supposed to talk to him?

Using his hands, Raj pointed to the side of his head. When Darya looked at him in a confused manner he just kept pointing to his head. She suddenly realized he was pointing at his temple and when she realized this she felt a slight tickle and when she looked at Raj again who had a weird smile on his face.

"Can you hear me?" A voice boomed inside of her head making her eyes go wide when she realized it was Raj speaking to her. She focused her own mind and tried to respond to him in thought alone.

"Loud and clear, am I doing this right?" She asked through her thoughts and received a smile in response.

"Okay, now that you know how we communicate you'll need to know how to transfer your thoughts to someone that is not in your immediate family. For people like that, which will be just about everyone in the kingdom, you will have to ask permission using a certain sign. Then you touch foreheads and it creates the connection. You'll be able to speak with just them until you bring others in." He explained to her which she eventually understood. She was still getting over the fact that she could speak to someone telepathically.

"The kingdom is not much further, with our speed we should be there in about twenty minutes. It's actually quite far from where you live right now. How are you getting along with your tail?" Raj asked her through their link. He knew that she was getting along just fine but he still had his concerns. There has never been someone brought in from the human world to his kingdom. He wasn't sure how his people would take her there was even the fear that they would reject her completely.

"I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's basically like using a monofin when I free dive, except now I'll be able to keep going and never go back up. It's freeing really." She thought back to him which made his heart swell. He wanted nothing more than for her to fit in with his people. She was apart of it now and it would break his heart if she rejected everything he was.

"I didn't know you free dived. Looks like the ocean called to you harder than I thought." He told her as he glided up next to her while they swam through the ocean. She took in the life that grew around her and the fish that didn't mind her swimming with them.

"Ever since I was a baby my mom took me to the ocean. The moment our house became available she bought it as quickly as possible. An eld

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