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The rain pelted her coat and the hat she was pulling harder down on her head. She couldn't believe her eyes, it may have been fifteen years but the man lying in the rain next to her knees was definitely Dane.

The storm was beginning to let up, almost magically so, she knew Darya would ask too many questions if she saw her mother dragging a limp body into the house but she couldn't just leave him out here either. The rain was stopping and the clouds began to recede slightly, just enough for her to tell Darya to run to Marty's house or something. She just needed to cover Dane's body up until she left.

Finding a tarp under the house she quickly covered him up after making sure his head and other important things were secure. Standing up quickly she walked back into the house where Darya was sitting in wait on the couch and when her mom walked into the house she rushed over to her.

"The storm is letting up, is everything okay out there?" Darya asked, concern laced in her voice.

"Actually, it was just a small boat that struck the house. If you want you can go see Marty." She quickly suggested as she walked to her room with her cell phone. She dialed Ramon's number but when the line picked up it was Michael that answered.

"Denise, what can I do you for? Did you hear that storm?" He asked while she watched Darya getting ready to head over to Marty's house.

"I actually wanted to see if we could do a trade. Darya for the two of you? I need some help with a project and Darya wants to go to your house." She asked as she bit her nails in anticipation.

"Of course, we actually just go out from under the covers, that thunder was no joke! But yeah we can help you. What's the project?" He asked as she paced the floor. Darya was nearly ready and heading for the door when Denise jumped in front of it.

"Use the back door sweetie. It was a boat that hit the house and I don't want you stepping on a piece of the broken wood. Michael and Ramon are coming over while you're over there to help me move the debris." She hoped her quick jump didn't frighten Darya but she took the bait for the back door as she wanted.

"Okay, be careful mom. There are probably nails and stuff." She warned as she fastened her backpack and headed for the back door.

Denise let out a big, held breath and watched her leave out the back door. Remembering she was on the phone she put it back to her ear and finished her conversation.

"Sorry Mike, I just really need your help. Darya can't know what's going on. Please get here quickly." She hung up without saying another word. Putting her coat back on she walked outside and ran down the wet stairs to the tarp-covered man laying on the ground at the bottom of the stairs. She pulled it up again and stared at his almost perfectly sculpted face. Her thoughts were broken when she heard the men walking up to the house.

"Denise...You have a lot of explaining to do." Ramon said as they walked up to her whe

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