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"Hi Michael, is Darya still at your place or did they go down to the docks already?" Denise asked Michael through her cell phone while Raj (Dane) stood in front of one of the framed photos on the wall. It was the one of Denise and Darya in the hospital the day she was born.

He took the photo off the wall and studied every inch of it. The pain in his chest was coming from missing this special day. Hooking the photo back the wall and turned to listen in on Denise's conversation with this 'Michael' person he hasn't been told about. Was he jealous? Probably.

"Oh, they left already? Okay, that's fine I'll just find them at the beach." She continued and looked over at Raj for a second before answering Michael again.

"Yeah, I'll tell you more about it later. Give my love to Ramon." She ended the conversation and Raj tried to look like he wasn't being nosey.

"Before you ask, Michael and Ramon are two of my best friends and the fathers of Marty, Darya's best friend. They're married and I've known them since Darya started preschool. In fact, they helped me lug your heavy body into the house when you literally hit our house. And actually, Ramon thinks you should get a CAT scan done just to make sure you don't have a concussion." She said nonchalantly.

"I don't know what that is. I guess you could say that I am relieved that they are your friends and that Darya has such a dear friend with their son as well." Listening to him she could swear that he was almost jealous of Ramon and Michael. She still knew very little about him but she wanted to know more and she would start right after they told Darya the truth.

"We are going to meet Darya at the beach. They left for it a little while ago from Marty's house. We can tell her everything down there. She's in her best mood when she's by the ocean." She said as she grabbed her bag before leading him to the front door and to the beach.

"We don't have a far walk, that's the big reason why I bought this house. It's small but it was the closest one to the beach and I practically stole it since no one else wants to live this close to the ocean." He followed behind her and took in the beach around him and for a second he saw the spot where he first met Denise. Smiling to himself he tried to focus on the walk down the sand covered shore to tell his daughter everything that's happened so far.

At first, they didn't see them but then two figures coming out of the water with goggles on gave them away. Denise waved her hands and flagged Darya down. Seeing her mother she told Marty she would be right back. She jogged quickly up to her mom wondering why the man that was renting the attic room was with her.

"Hey, mom, David? What's going on?" Darya asked as she pulled her goggles off and pulled the towel out of her bag that Marty threw over to her just before she got to her mother.

"I need to tell you stuff hun and it's going to be a lot to swallow." She gently to her while they all to

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