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The wind whipped around their faces as the family boat made its way over the rolling waves of the ocean. The mist of the water coated their faces as they concentrated on the waves they zoomed over. Raj was taking the three of them to a special location where Darya would complete her transformation into what her father wanted her to be.

Darya was nervous but she wouldn't let her mother or Marty see that they might try and talk her out of going.

She was excited but everything was going over her head a bit. She knew the science of the ocean, the biology of it her mother had been teaching her since she could walk. But she didn't know the magic side of it, her father's side of it. The side she never knew existed until the night before. Remembering the man that laid on the sand of the beach last night brought a chill to her spine, more so than the mist of the ocean.

The boat began to slow down when they came upon a small gathering of rocks and boulders and the closer they got the more she saw the opening of the cave they were most likely going to.

The sound of the motor died down when the boat came to a slow drift towards the cave. Denise adjusted herself on her seat, Darya could tell she was nervous same with Marty, at least she wasn't alone in her feelings.

"We just need to dock the boat and head into the cave, don't worry it's safe no one would dare venture out this far without a good reason. Needless to say, it isn't easily accessible." Raj, her father spoke over the dying engine. The boat docked against the boulders at the foot of the cave, Denise jumped out to help Raj tie the boat to the nearest post they could find.

Marty and Darya followed after them when the boat was secured. Darya looked the entrance of the cave over and another chill ran down her spine. She gulped back her fear and followed behind her father as he walked to the dark entrance of the cave. The three of them paused before entering with Raj, they all looked at it as if it would bite them at any moment.

"Let's go, the moon is only out for so long and it needs to be directly over the cave." His words were lost on them, they didn't know his world but they would follow his lead none the less.

"This cave is sacred to our people, Darya. You may be the first of our family to be born human but this cave and its pool has held every royal body since our people first became civilized. That was nearly three centuries ago." Raj told the three behind him as they walked towards the center of the cave. Darya tried to listen to him but she was so enthralled with the cave that she barely heard what he was telling her.

Raj brought them around a medium sized naturally formed pool. The gently blue color made all of them relax on sight, almost creating a trance in the humans that were now surrounding it, aside from Raj.

"Darya, you will need to get into the pool, I assume you're wearing your swimming suit under your clothes?" Raj asked as he began t

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