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Darya was in more trouble than she knew. The longer she just floated there upright staring at her room around her the angrier her father became. Once she hit the outer gates of the kingdom her father was able to communicate with her and he was not happy. She had snuck back into her room hoping he was somewhere else in the building but she wasn't so lucky. He was floating in there waiting for her.

"I come in here only to see that you were gone. Where were you, young lady?" He asked making him sound almost like a father. She wondered if he had practice with Gemma sneaking out?

"What does it matter? I'm here as a guest and not one of your people. I can go where I want to." She returned the anger to him and it only made things worse. Even underwater she could see his face get red with rage.

"That's not the point, Darya. If I don't know where you are you could be in danger. Do you know the reason I was brought home early?" He asked her through the rage.

"No, I don't! Because you don't tell me anything! You didn't tell me about the stares I would get, or the daughter you had hidden away. Why the hell am I even here?!" She shouted through their link. She wasn't playing around with him anymore. She wanted to know the reason Gemma was really here and she wouldn't let him ignore the question.

His entire body language change at her words. He knew this would come up eventually and he still wasn't ready for the answer.

"It's complicated, Darya. I didn't think I would have someone to take the crown if I died and after that war all those years ago I needed to train someone. I adopted Gemma into my family because I needed an heir. That's it." He explained.

"You don't just adopt someone into your family and not love them. You also don't tell your other daughter about it right when she meets her. You did pick the perfect daughter, she's tall, gorgeous, and knows more about being one of you than I do. So just give her the crown when it comes time. I'm only here for the summer anyway." She tried not to cry and show her father how much it affected her. But of course, that didn't work.

"It can't be like that now, not with you here. The crown must be passed down to a blood heir. They had only made an exception in a time of war. I made the decision to adopt an heir after my father died and I knew I wouldn't have the time to marry and have children. And to be honest, after leaving your mother I didn't want to move on from her." He explained more of the story and it only made Darya feel worse.

"I had always planned on coming back to your mom. I even had someone to take the crown from me earlier than Gemma, they would have taken over five years after the war had started and I was going to leave and be with your mother but things change. The war was harder than any of us realized and my plans changed. I probably wouldn't have gone back if I hadn't gotten your call that day." Her father glided over to the bed and took a seat. He looke

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