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"Are you sure about going diving today? You were wheezing during training." Marty asked Darya while he situated the boat before they took it out to the area of water they needed for diving.

"I'll be fine, what am I up to now?" She asked him, forgetting what her personal record time was so far. She tied the back of her bikini top in place while she looked for the monofin she had brought with her.

"I think you're up to five minutes. I know my personal record is four and I'm going to beat you today. I beat you in training and I'll beat you on the court too." Marty said with a smile as he untied the boat from the dock.

Bracing herself for the boat to rock, Darya grabbed the sides of the boat while Marty started the engine.

"I almost thought we wouldn't be able to come out here today. That storm was a weird one." Marty said while directing the boat towards the area they needed.

"I know! Did I tell you about the boat that hit our house? My mom had to go out and see what it was, luckily your dads came over when I was leaving to help her move the debris. It was scary when it happened. A huge crash into the house...almost sounded like a small whale or shark being thrown at us." Darya organized her stuff in the boat as the wind picked up over the speed of the boat while the mist of the seawater splashed on her face.

"That's weird, maybe your mom's covering something up. It could have been an animal and she just didn't want you to worry?" He shouted over the sound of the engine.

"Maybe, hey stop here this is the area we found that opening at." She shouted over the boat's engine. Marty brought the boat to a stop and lowered the anchor down since there wouldn't be anyone in the boat to watch it this time.

"Using the monofin or the separate ones?" Marty asked while putting his own fins on.

"Mono, of course, I love the monofin makes me go faster." She smiled while shoving her toes into the monofin and looping the rubber strap behind her heel. She sat up on the edge of the boat like they did when they went scuba diving for her birthday.

"You ready?" She asked as her eyes landed on him trying to shimmy his way into his fins for the dive. She choked back a laugh and focused on her breathing for the moment. Even with asthma, she held the best time in her class. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She felt the boat rock slightly telling her that Marty took a seat next to her on the edge of the boat.

"Are you sure you can do this? That hole was a bit farther than we've free dived before." Marty said with a hint of worry for his best friend.

"I'll be fine, I've done my exercises and I want to know more about that hole." He handed Darya her goggles as they both finished getting ready. She nodded to him that she was done and they both turned on the edge of the boat and let their flippered feet dangle above the water.

"Did you pull the lines down so we can get up faster this time? We don't need anot

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