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"She hasn't come back up! It's been longer than six minutes!" Marty shouted from the sides of the pool. He knew she couldn't hold her breath for longer than that, she had just barely reached five minutes only a few months ago.

"She's fine. Her gills should have formed by now and she should be breathing normally. Once her tail forms completely she will come back up. I am not holding her down, child." Raj bit back without even looking over at Marty who only sat back in an angry huff.

"Raj, he's right. It's been a while, is she going to come up soon?" Denise asked with a worried tone.

"Both of you need to be quiet, her entire world is changing and I'm sure she is nervous enough," Raj spoke in a low almost threating tone, one that Denise didn't like at all. When this was over she promised herself she would give him a swift punch in the face. She leaned over where she was kneeling on the stones of the cave to peer into the water almost wishing she could see Darya's face again.

The closer she got to the surface of the water the tenser her muscles became until suddenly the water splashed into her face and a pair of pearl white, scale-covered hands popped out and scared the crap out of her. The hands grabbed onto the rocks right in front of Marty and Denise and pulled on them until Darya's face broke the surface tension of the pool.

Marty and Denise gasped at the same time. The girl that went under the water only ten minutes ago was not the same on that came out. Her hair was of course still the brownish red that it had been before, but the sides of her face and throat were now speckled with shimmering pearl white scales. Denise and Marty were so transfixed on the scales that they hadn't noticed the bright smile on Darya's face.

"Hi, mom, Marty. I want to show you everything, but this pool is too small." Darya complained and it was at that moment that they noticed a slight change in her voice. It was maybe half an octave higher than usual but just enough for them to notice a difference.

"Raj, can we go outside, is there a way for her to get out of here underwater?" Denise asked him not knowing he had slipped under the water for a moment. Noticing this she gave a scowl over to the spot he was treading water at until his face broke the surface and he came back up.

They looked over at Raj who now had matching scales along the sides of his throat and a bit up by the bottom lids of his eyes. Denise was taken aback by his transformation, just as she was with Darya's. It was still very new to her.

"To answer your question from before, there is an opening at the bottom that feeds to the ocean. We will meet you out there." Raj answered Denise and they took that to get up and leave the cave and meet them at the border of the rocks that formed the shore.

"How long are we supposed to wait for them? How do we know he isn't just going to tell her to swim away from us?" Marty asked Denise.

"That won't happen, Darya wou

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