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Darya laid on her new bed in her new room, wondering how she was able to lay on a bed in the middle of the ocean without floating away. She thought about her buoyancy and assumed it had something to do with that. She wanted to think about that rather than the incident earlier when she met her grandmother for the first time.

She pinched her eyes shut harder trying to block the memories and instead she thought how funny it was that she was basically sleeping on a waterbed since it was a large plastic/rubber bag that filled with water and laid inside of the coral base. She tried to think about the things that sat around her new room and the feeling that it wasn't quite home yet.

There wasn't much to the room but the shelves and bed. She turned to the small bedside table that held a weird light that sat inside of a clamshell. She wasn't sure how most things worked down here but she sure as hell knew that family worked the same. Like when you bring home an illegitimate daughter back to your home - correction - your kingdom, everyone acts the same. Like your the bad person, like your cancer that will destroy the family tree.

Clenching her eyes didn't stop the memories this time and she was taken back to earlier in the day when she met her grandmother and the worst person she had ever met. Gemma.

She can remember the piercing moss green eyes meeting hers and a chill running down her spine. Part fear. Part nerves. She gulped down half of what she was feeling and gently drifted towards her when her father motioned for her to do so.

Her grandmother took her hand and before she could ask her father what was happening, her grandmother stretched out and connected their foreheads.

All of a sudden she heard hundreds of voices in her head including gasps and murmurs. Her eyes went wide when a single, separate voice began to speak to her.

"Do not fret, Darya, those voices are the rest of your people. I've connected you to the main line of the community including myself. I am wary of your presence but I want to get to know you more. Before that happens I want to introduce you to another family member." She remembered the heat that came to her cheeks after being ambushed by all the voices. She would have to remember to ask her father how to tune them out.

Darya looked behind her grandmother while she brought another merperson over to meet her. She had long silver hair that flowed behind her while her shimmering scales caught every tiny piece of light from around them. They weren't pearl white but instead glistened a light blue color that nearly blended with the water around them. Her eyes weren't the same as hers or any other family member of Darya's, instead, they showed an ice blue that was colder than the air around her right after a hot shower.

"This is Gemma, she is your father's protege and is set to take the crown after he is ready to step down." Her grandmother's message cut her like a knife. Her father basicall

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