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"If this car hit another bump I will pee my pants," Marty shouted from the third row of his father's expedition they only used on overnight trips.

"You should have gone on the last stop, I told everyone in the car to go just in case. We're in the last hour stretch and I'm not stopping." Michael shouted to the back of the car where the kids were sitting hoping he didn't wake Denise up sleeping on the first row.

"I don't think I can hold it, just pull over and I'll pee out of the window," Marty called back.

"I don't think so, young man. Michael, pull over and he can pee behind the car or something." Ramon instructed from the passenger seat. Darya was laughing hard in her seat at Marty's uncomfortableness and his answer to that situation. "Please pull over, Michael, I can't stand his bouncing up and down. I'm surprised my mom hasn't woken up." She looked down at her mother stretched out on the bench of the first row. She didn't blame her for sleeping so hard, she had a late night before the packed up the car this morning.

"Fine, I'll pull over but it better be quick. We've already missed the first meeting for orientation." He grumbled under his breath before picking a spot on the shoulder to pull onto and stop gently. The car barely came to a complete stop before Marty jump out of his seat and climbed over the back of the first row to get to the door. Denise finally woke up when her legs were accidentally knocked off.

"Are we there?" She asked in a gruff tone while wiping the sleep from her eyes. She looked at the two up front then at Darya in the backseat. "Good morning, sunshine, we're not there yet. I think we have about forty minutes left." Darya told her mom while resting her chin on the back of her seat. Denise pinched Darya's nose right before the door swung open again and Marty crashed into the seat before rolling over the back to his original seat again. "God, Marty, be more graceful," Darya complained.

"I'm full of grace, you were in the way." He stated with a point which earned him a slap on the back from Darya next to him. "Let's get back on the road, we're late as it is," Michael complained before turning back onto the road and getting back on track.

The large expedition pulled into a busy driveway and as Michael dodged students and their parents he looked for a spot to park in. "There's one," Ramon pointed to an empty spot and right before he pulled into it a car zoomed in and took it before him. "Damn it, sorry hun we'll need a new one. Try down there." Ramon pointed towards the end of the line while the kids looked out the window at who took their spot.

"Darya, isn't that the kid that ratted you out?" Marty whispered in Darya's ear who was already staring at Tyler Weiss getting out of his car. She fought the urge to tell Michael to turn the car around and head home. She didn't feel safe at this college anymore. "Don't tell my mother, she'll make me attend the college at home like she did." She whispered back to him and looked behind his head to make sure their parents didn't hear them.

"We'll just avoid him, can't be too hard it's a big school." She suggested and Marty agreed before they turned around once Michael found a good parking spot.

Everyone filed out of the car and stretched their tired muscles, it was only a three-hour drive but driving anywhere for them was long since most of them didn't leave the city very often.

"Okay, since we missed the first meeting we can still get to your dorm room and set things up, then go see where your classes are," Michael told them as he read off of the map in his hands. Both he and his husband wanted Marty to go to the local college but once Darya and him got it in their heads that they had to go to this nicer one with the better marine biology course that would help them graduate sooner.

"Let's get your stuff out, guys," Ramon spoke over the hatchback he lifted up and started taking duffle bags out one by one. D

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