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I watched as the nurse sharks gently swam around me as I circled them. I was in absolute bliss and nothing was going to change that. I could barely make out the bottom of my boat from where I swam, there wouldn't be a single human out here to catch me either. I was completely alone and completely at peace.

Then I saw the time on my waterproof watch Marty gave me for Christmas last year. It was his own design and it was able to go deeper than a normal expensive waterproof watch. But that wasn't what alarmed me, the time it showed did. I was running late and it couldn't have been a worse time to be behind schedule.

My mom was going to be so mad...

It was a big day for her and my father, after all.

I took no more time with the sharks and swam for the boat. Slowly but surely I made my scales retreat into my skin and left my gills to get me through the water. Once I touched the side of the boat my gills retreated as well and I breathed the salty air around me. Pulling myself up and into the boat, I grabbed a pair of bottoms from the side compartment and bolted over to the steering wheel. Turning the key and revving the engine I turned the boat towards the shore and sped off.

The shore was so far away still I hadn't realized I went that far out but I needed to so humans wouldn't find me and I wasn't about to stop exploring.

As soon as the boat dock came into view I ran the boat as hard as I could until I came in for a messing parking job and jumped out to tie it to the wood poles. My mother's house was just off the docks and I could see the crowd gathering in the distance on the beach. I was really running late. And even though I could see the wedding arch from here, I only hoped my parents hadn't made it to the front before I got there.

My feet hit the sand and collected more than enough as I ran towards the back door of my mother's house. Hitting the glass door with more than enough force, I slid it open and ran for the bathroom.

"You made it! Marty said you would be swimming out late today but don't you think you're cutting it kind of close?" Our new friend, Abby, shouted at me from the hall. She was waiting for me to help get the sand off my body and into my dress my mother picked out for me.

"I know, I wasn't supposed to be out that late. Help me get ready and I'll give you that letter of recommendation, I swear!" I shouted back at her until she met me in the downstairs bathroom just off of my mother's room. I jumped in the shower as I brushed my hair and cleaned off the sand.

"You already wrote and signed that letter, I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart." She said while flushing the toilet telling me I've been in too long.

"Holy crap, that's cold, I've been in for maybe a minute!" I shouted and jumped out once the sand was off. All Abby was doing was smiling and trying to stifle a laugh.

"Oh shut it, help me get dressed, I'm late enough." I threw my damp towel at her and waited for my dress. Once she got it over my head she tied it in the back as I brushed my tangled hair. I made sure to spray some salt water in it so it wasn't so frizzy and tangled, something I've learned over the years.

I dried my hair the best I could and let the natural waves lay around my shoulders. The deep brownish red had lightened over the last four years since I've been doing all of my college work outside and now that we've graduated we were getting our real lives started. My parents are doing the same, starting with this date. It was something I've been waiting years for and the day was finally here.

"Okay, so shoes or no shoes?" She asked from behind me and when I turned to her after fixing my hair I turned my nose up at the thought of wearing shoes in the sand. "No shoes, I think I'm ready, let's get going." She tossed the shoes back in my mother's room and turned back to me. She held out her arm and I looped mine around it.

The air was crisp and the breeze was gent

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