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Denise and Marty could only stare at Darya from the shore of the cave with their legs and arms bound. This is not the visitation they had imagined when they received the call from Raj the other day. The moment Denise saw Johnson pulling up in a boat behind them was the moment she knew things were going to be way worse than originally imagined.

He was supposed to be out this far, even for their work. They were recording data on the other side of the town and the path to this particular spot was not on the route what so ever.

She grabbed Marty's arm and told him to follow her lead when her lap partner came ashore. Neither one of them completely knew what was going to happen but they knew he couldn't find out about her daughter and the other side of the family.

They especially didn't expect for Johnson to knock either of them out and tie them together right at the edge of the pool inside of the cave.

But here they were tied up and in fear for Darya and Raj's life. Denise never once thought her partner and friend would ever do something like this. She's known him since she was nineteen, they even dated a few times until she found out about Darya, when she found out they would be working together she was happy. It was her first day at the career of her dreams and she was friends with her lab partner, why wouldn't she be happy? But now, now she had no idea what to think of him.

He was threatening her daughter's life and the secret of half of Darya's family, she couldn't let this stand.

Denise wiggled her wrists until the robe began to feel a bit loose, the knot was not tied as well as Johnson thinks. As soon as her wrists were completely loose from the knotted rope she tried to form a plan in her head. She could jump up and push him into the water? Then he would know the secret for sure. They couldn't just kill him, they weren't those type of people. She kept thinking of ways to protect the secret and get them out of the situation.

"I've waited so long for a day like this. As a kid, I saw something that no one believed...And as an adult, I tried to put it behind me and study the one thing I've loved for so long; the ocean. But now the intrigue and secrets have pulled me back in and I have proof now!" Johnson shouted making Darya slowly drift over to where Raj was treading water. He pulled his protective arms around her and tried to shield her the best he could.

"Get out of the water. I'm taking both of you to the lap and running some tests. I'll photograph the proof and take blood, a lot of blood. They can't deny my theories with actual proof now!" Johnson shouted scaring Darya even more. Denise was still working on her plan and she hadn't found anything better than just pushing him into the water of the pool.

Darya could feel something push at the back of her mind when she realized it was the mind link she let her father's voice fill her head again.

"Your mother had her hands free I can see it in her

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