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"Take the blanket, Darya." She barely heard Marty behind her over the sound of the boat's engine and the sharp waves around them. The ocean spray coated her face but she didn't care. Marty laid the blanket on her legs when she didn't take it from him. The knocked out body of Johnson, her mother's lab partner, laid on the floor of the boat. It took everything in her to not kick him when he was down.

She kept her eyes on the ocean almost hoping she would see her father again but that wouldn't happen. She told him to leave and that's what she wanted, she wanted him and their family safe.

Her eyes broke from the water when the shoreline came into view.

"What are we supposed to do with him?" Marty asked as the boat slowed down enough for them to speak to each other without shouting. Denise gently guided the boat to the dock before she answered him.

"I have an idea, but we need to get him to my lab." She said in a tone that Darya and Marty had never heard from her.

They tied the boat up and together they dragged Johnson out of the boat and onto the deck as well. Denise's dune buggy was just over the shore waiting for them. It was just big enough to seat the four of them whether or not one of them was forced into the seat or not. Denise jumped into the driver's seat and turned the key before the buggy lurched into motion and headed down the shore and to the designated road.

Night had fallen nearly an hour before they reached the lab giving them the cover they needed. The three of them lifted Johnson out of the buggy and carried him to the doors of the lab. Stopping so Denise could unlock the door with her badge she kept on her at all times.

The scurried over to the exam table Darya was on not too long ago getting her legs scrapped and tested. Now it was his turn to be tested on.

"Darya, go over to that fridge and get a clean syringe, medium gauged needle." She asked her before they laid Johnson on the table and secured his arms and legs.

"How are we going to do this Denise? He knows too much, what's this idea you have?" Marty started, almost sounding like Ramon, she could have sworn Ramon was standing behind her when he did.

"There's something we've been tracking and attempting to splice, so to speak, with others of its kind. It's a algae, and we've created a form of it that is poisonous. But in a small enough dose it can cause memory loss." She explained while walking over to the algae tank. She looked at the coral and other items that lived in the large examination tank.

"They budded not long after you left for the summer and we were lucky enough to catch it and take the buds to another tank. The combination we created is what I'm going to use now. I need that syringe." She asked Darya over her shoulder while looking at the one specific algae they needed.

"I took samples of it not too long ago and stored them in this much smaller tank. If I can extract a tiny amount with a saline solution the

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