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The blaring sound of sirens could be heard for miles around and the closer they got to the building the louder they became.

It was a blur of cops and EMTs as they rushed the building trying to get Marty from the arms of his father. Once he was on the ambulance Ramon and Michael jumped in as quickly as possible into the back before the doors closed and the truck lurched into action as fast as it could. They wouldn't take the 'only room for one parent in the back' thing.

Darya had to watch while Marty was taken away and Tyler was arrested along with his stepfather which confused Darya. She didn't think the police would believe them about the mermaid kidnapping.

"Dar, stay close to me, we'll go to the hospital once we're done here. Where's your father?" Denise asked as she grabbed Darya in her arms even with her dripping wet from the tank's water. Darya looked around and found her father kneeling on the ground, legs and all. She left her mother's warm embrace and went straight for her father on the floor.

"Dad, how are you feeling?" She asked while reaching out for his hand in the hope that he would take it and stand up with her. When his hard hand slapped into her own she felt the weight of his pain and when he stood completely and brought her into a tight embrace she could almost feel his relief through the hug.

"You shouldn't have come for me. That was a dangerous and dumb move." His word cut like a knife and for her to hear it while thinking the same thing only made it worse. "But, I'm glad you did. You were very brave. Very brave indeed. And that siren scream! What was that?!" Raj pushed Darya away when he asked her the sudden question. When she saw that his face was lit up with curiosity and wonder all her fear of him being mad at her forever went away.

"I don't know, I just saw Marty getting shot and screamed for him. I didn't realize it was anything special until I saw the glass of the tank cracking." She answered him honestly and it only made him adore her more. "That is the trait of a true mermaid. Your love for your family and friends knows no bounds. I love you so much Darya, and I can't be mad at you for saving me. You did what you believed was best." He pulled her into another bone-crushing hug and this time she crushed him just as hard back.

Denise watched the last cop leave after giving her statement and asking that her daughter be left out of everything. She wanted their privacy to be kept intact.

"Everything has been taken care of. Tyler and Johnson have been taken to the precinct and if you hurry we can get to the hospital within the hour." She told Darya as they came apart from their tight hug. "We need to get to Marty, I want to be there when he wakes up." She stopped the tears from coming and instead sucked up the pain of seeing him shot in the center of his chest and walked towards the jeep waiting for her outside.

Denise stayed back for a moment and looked at the ragged Raj that stoo

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