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The cold water felt like a slap to her face as she dived underneath the waves. Forcing her eyes open she zoned in on his body that fell further and further down into the dark abyss of the ocean. Gritting her teeth she forced her gills to slice open on the side of her neck and the moment they came in she took in a deep gulp of water and tested them out. Once they processed the water into oxygen properly she took to stretching her arms and pulling herself through the water as quickly as she could to reach him.

He kept falling and falling faster than she could get to him, he had such a head start that she wasn't sure her hands would reach him in time.

She pushed and pushed herself but it just wasn't enough. Through the water, she saw streams of Marty's blood floating up towards her. This was much worse than she thought. Kicking her feet harder and harder she just seemed to be barely out of reach and then something amazing happened.

Scales erupted over her legs and quickly sealed themselves together creating the tail and fin she hadn't seen in years. Looking back for a few seconds she saw the pearl white scales glistening in the water around it. She took no more time watching it and instead used it to propel herself through the water in nearly an instant. Her body caught up with his quickly and as she looped her arms under his armpits she pulled him with her up towards the boat again.

She wanted to check and make sure he was alive but they were on borrowed time at the moment. Kicking her tail harder she rose towards the bottom of the boat, but not even that could be easy for her.

The blood that had come from Marty's head earlier had attracted a shark to their location. Darya froze for a second and then realized Marty didn't have time for her to pause or freeze he needed to be on the boat. Wasting no more time, Darya forced herself up to the boat and ignored the shark for the time being. Once it was within reach she broke through the busy waves and pulled him along with him.

She gasped for air and while it burned through her lungs since her gills were still open she pulled on the edge of the boat and stretched to pull Marty up to the side. She didn't have the strength to fully get him on the boat with that tail behind her and she wasn't sure on how to go back to normal. Plus now she could see the fin of the shark starting to circle the boat. Taking a burning deep breath she used all of her strength to push his body as far up as she could.

Once Marty was just at the edge of the boat she gave him one more heave and felt his body roll onto the floor of the boat, now she had a tail and shark to deal with.

Sinking back into the water to see what was going on. She tried to remember how she got rid of her tail before and what she could remember was that she just needed to concentrate hard enough. With her sights set on the shark that was cautiously circling the boat, she thought hard about the tail going back into legs. The shark created a horrible distraction for her but she thought back to the day in the small pool with her father.

How it was only a few strong thoughts that turned her back into a full human. The familiar tingles crawled up from her fin to her back and when she looked down she watched her tail split into two long legs. Kicking them before the shark had time to visit her closer to the boat, she pushed herself to the boat's edge and pulled herself into it where Marty was still lying unconscious.

She fell to his body and turned him over. She placed the crossed fingers of her hands on his sternum and began to pump his chest. Turning his face to the side she made sure he could spit the water out of his mouth when he woke up. She pumped and pumped until she felt a joint from his body and the second she heard coughing she pulled him up on her lap and helped him get the water out of his throat and lungs.

"Owe...God, what happened, Darya?" He asked with a raspy tone while he con

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