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It was a single word and just a name, but it was the greatest thing Darya had ever heard. She tried to ignore the weakness in his message as she held onto the knowledge her father was alive. She pushed herself from the water as fast as she could while grabbing Marty's hand in the process.

"What happened?" He shouted as he was pulled along her frantic journey.

"He's alive, he said my name and he's alive. Well, he didn't say he was alive, but whatever. I can find him now!" She shouted to the empty beach shore as she dragged Marty towards the dorm room again.

Darya wasted no time in stripping off her suit and putting on soft cotton shorts and a big shirt. She pulled the laptop out from under the pile of clothes she had gone through earlier. Marty took her example and changed into something more comfortable for laying around in. He took a seat next to her on the bed and watched her surf the web for something he wasn't sure she was looking for.

"If he only said your name, how are you going to use that to find him?" He asked her and watched as the pages flipped between a few at a time. He only caught the name of a couple of the sites and none of them made sense to him.

"It's not his voice that will help me find him, it's knowing there is something to find. Knowing that the connection is there I just need to make it stronger." He leaned back against the wall and laid his legs out on the bed and thought about what she said. "Is there a way to strengthen it?" Marty asked hoping the answer was simple.

"Yes, there is, and I need my mother's help with it." He was surprised hearing she was going to tell her mother about all of this. "Do you want me to give you your phone on the charger?" He asked having already reached down for it and unplugged the small charger from the silver and black phone. When she didn't take the phone from him his curiosity only grew.

"I won't need a phone, I'm not telling my mother anything. She doesn't need to know how our first week of school is going. She'll only want me to come home." She explained. Marty's brow furrowed as he watched her still staring intently at the laptop screen. "I won't need to speak to her just read what she wrote a long time ago." She held up a notebook with scribbles and mindless ramblings of a scientist.

"You stole your mother's research?" He asked, surprised by her actions. He never thought she would do anything like that.

"I didn't steal anything, she gave me the notes in hopes it might help me with my school work. It's not cheating or anything. I haven't opened it before today. All I know is that there are all the different types of algae in here. Including the ones she created herself. The notes are from after she graduated so it has all of her thesis info and every hybrid of algae she created. Whether on paper or in reality." Marty followed about half of what she told him but rather than continuing to question her he sat back and watched her work.

"There was this type of algae that she bred herself. Not the one that made Johnson forget, but a different one that turned into this vibrant pink color when it matured. I remember seeing it last year and I asked her the effects of itShe didn't know because she was still growing it, however, when I looked at the notes she took on it I realized she was growing it for me." Again, Marty didn't know what she was talking about but her mother was the expert on algae and he wouldn't deny what was in that notebook.

"What makes you think she grew it for you?" Marty asked while he took the notebook from the spot next to her and began reading about the algae himself. "Well for starters, she named it after me and it is shown to help the transition process. I think she was trying to make algae you can eat that would allow you to transform on demand. In my mind, she wanted me to be able to visit my father again. But that's not what we're using it for and that's not what it does."

He was lost wit

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