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They pulled Gemma from the wet sand and the water that trailed after her. Darya kept an eye on her breathing but nothing was coming from her. They either needed to get her into water or somehow get her lungs working on dry land.

"She's really heavy, do you think we'll be able to get her by everyone without questions being asked?" Marty looked worried and Darya didn't quite have a good plan at the moment but when her eyes landed on a spot in the ocean they could hide in she redirected them. "There's a spot over there where we would have coverage from wandering eyes." She pointed with her face and Marty followed her eye line and nodded in agreement.

They shuffled over to the spot she pointed out second ago and tried to hurry as quickly as possible. Time was not on their side. Once they were under the coverage of the large rocks they laid her back in the water and made sure she was completely covered up to her neck so she could breathe properly.

"Gemma, come on you need to wake up." Darya wasn't sure if she's ever been above the water before but when she looks down at her new bare legs she sees the pain Gemma had to go through to get to her. The trails of blood left behind and the scales that were still apparent made Darya's heart clench. "Please, you came here for a reason, wake up." She spoke again while she held the sides of her face as she looked at Gemma upside down while her almost silver hair flowed around the crown of her head.

"Maybe speak to her the way you do under the water?" Marty suggested and for a moment Darya felt stupid. Of course, she wouldn't be able to understand her in this form. She concentrated and formed the familiar thoughts she would use to speak with her father. When he would pick up, anyway.

"Gemma, talk to me...You came here for a reason, please wake up." She thought the waves of worry over to her. It had been forever since she's spoken to Gemma through this link and she was a little rusty but when she heard the quiet voice of the person below her she knew it was working. "Darya? Did it work?" Her link voice was weak but it still brought a smile to Darya's face when she responded.

"Did what work? What happened to you? I thought you would be the last person to ever come above the water." Darya asked her and when Gemma's hands reached up for her's that held her face and looked deep into her eyes before she pulled herself from the shallow water and onto Darya's water covered lap. "It's an emergency and I'm not supposed to be up here. Only royal bloodlines can turn into humans." Her voice was scratchy and rough but they both hung onto every word she spoke.

"If only royal bloodlines can transform then how are you here and how did you find me?" She helped her sit up better but still keeping her against her chest for support.

"It was very hard, it took all of my energy to make these horrible legs you love so much. It's not fully done either because I don't have a lot of time up here." Her voice wasn't sounding better the more she spoke out loud but Darya noticed her gills had gone to the side of her neck completely which meant she wasn't gasping for water like she was before.

"Tell me what you came up here for, what's the emergency?" She felt the cold and wet hands of Gemma clinging tightly to her and when she looked over at Marty she could sense his apprehension at the impending news.

"It's grandmother, it's the palace, it's father. Everything is going wrong and I can't control it!" She tried to shout but her voice cracked and forced her back down on Darya's lap. "Did the creature attack again?" She asked with a worried tone that only gave away her fear of the unknown.

"It's not the creatures, we irradicated them in the last war. It's this being, with legs like yours. They came and attacked and..." She got cut off by a loud crack of thunder. They were too preoccupied with getting her help they didn't notice the storm that was forming overhead.

"We n

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