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I am the creator, the one who found this barren universe and bestowed it the materials and guides for life to exist. After creating my Nornir, the primordials of time, I ventured southwards on my massive heavenly stead to find a certain mountain range. After planting the tree of worlds Yggdrasil, I decided that climbing the tree would become much of a problem in the future. Considering that climbing a tree that when grown would touch space beyond the upper atmosphere would be too hard and that it would one day be overcrowded if many have mastered magic and technology to climb the tree and enter other worlds.

So, I decided to create a second site with the same purpose of allowing early off world travel. Creating a simple boring non magical world would kill the fun of becoming a creator. After all, my reason of why I like having absolute creation is because I want to create a better version of earth. Like in those futuristic science fiction tales or fantasy stories with gods and kings. However, both science fiction and fantasy would exist. I mean who doesn't want to see an archmage using an Ak47 with magic charged bullets, it'll be so cool! But anyways, it's just my idea on it and my opinion. Also, I'm the creator, if you don't like my plans, I'll simply shove you to a prison.

Oh wait! Thanks for the idea! Back to the mountain range, a titanic beast floats idly above the smaller mountains. Its snow white skin and golden patterns glistening under the radiant sun, making it shine like a god descending from the heavens. Its very breath parts the clouds and its presence gives off a divine feeling. Within a glass like dome on its back is I, the creator peering down on the mountains below. Since a year has not passed at all, no natural weather has occured on this world. Causing only sunny and cloudy currently being the only types of weather. Using my power over creation, I focused it to create a temporary portal to one of the mountains below.

I'm having trouble creating things without visualizing with the system. So creating it out of thought is a way to train myself. If I become too dependent on the system, I can't use my powers in combat and will end up being defeated. Although I'm guessing that my power will keep me from being killed or erased, I'd rather suffer the minimum amount of pain necessary in any case. With my conscious mind I imagined a swirling purple vortex. One in front of me and one on top of a plateau below my heavenly stead. I visualized it until I can feel a soft breeze blowing towards me and a purple vortex of air before me.

"Nice, it worked." In my mind, I called out to Yam and commanded, "Yam, please wait here while I have to do something." Nodding obediently, the mosasaur replied into my mind in its ancient and benevolent voice, "As you wish Creator." I slowly walked towards the vortex and immediately emerged at the other side. I walked out of the purple vortex and is greeted by the sight of the mountain range. I stood atop a stone plateau with a smooth surface. Before me are mountains, towering over the plateau like titans sitting on their thrones. Despite their size, the plateau and the area around it is well lit. It's as if the mountain on the left had a crown of sunlight, beaming light to the smaller mountains.

I almost said a whoa, while I admired the scenery of these titanic structures. In my opinion, it lacked life and if it had plants, it would easily give off an ancient and mystic vibe. I turned around to face the top of the mountain. The mountain's top looked like an blunt sword's edge. The area where the top touches the plateau is where erosion appears most evident as many small and smooth rock structures form there, glued to the mountain, plateau and each other. On that area, I used my powers of creation and the system's visualization function to create a gate. I did say that I want to practice, but it would take too long and I might have to rebuild it over and over again if ne

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