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amaliaverdezoto > If I were a Creator > 10 Cambrian Age
It was a stormy day as dark clouds blanket the sky, pelting the rough seas with arrows of water. Beneath the waves are the creatures of this age, moving peacefully along the sand before larger creatures snatch them in plated arm like appendages. A plethora of life exists down here, ranging from the small, armored but relatively defenseless trilobite to the massive, predatory anomalocaris, roaming the reefs. Simple sponges and white jellyfish complete the reef alongside pink worms and other plated or soft creatures. With great diligence, the primordial Gaia had guided life and shaped it into this cambrian world as instructed.

The only difference to earth is that some creatures are abnormally large for their species or can instinctually control mana to propel them faster underwater. As for the primordials, the norns and the sisters have begun their work of observing time, growing Yggdrasil and creating fate. The rest of the primordials remain in slumber except for Nihilo who has been shaping the timeless void of Tehom and Gaia who is guiding life on the world. The angels have also been busy with gaining strength, striving to become more useful for their creator. In the mountains, the small lake had remained while the beanbag and the umbrella had corroded in time.

The creator awoke to a sunny day in the mountains. Its bright yellow rays enveloping him in its warm embrace. The first thing he did was to stand up and walk towards the lake. Over time, the lake apparently grew up to five times its size. To simulate the young earth, Gaia had been causing storms and endless downpour to flood the lands. Luckily, Thalassa absorbed the extra water unconsciously and the sea water only rose by a meter. Small waves crashed against the rocky shore as soft winds blow into the water. The creator wanted first to use his new water abilities. He clenched his fists and gradually moved it up, expecting a reaction.

After a few seconds, nothing had happened in and on the water. "Well, that was anticlimactic." Then, eight dark shapes started approaching the shore. These dark, oval shapes converged on one spot to form a huge silhouette under the water. Gradually, the water rose up, forming a gigantic but stationary wall of water. As a test, he quickly gestured his hand to the right like a quick knock. The wall of water slowly followed its command as it forms a wave to crash towards that direction. After that, the creator began playing with the water wave. He split them into eight, created water surges, waves and even vortexes.

He was essentially having fun while playing with water. While doing so, he realized something. 'Wait, the letter said that I can create whatever I want. Then, why didn't I just give myself superpowers with my absolute creation?' At that moment, he slapped his own face and realized his own stupidity. Then, he went to the modify section and gave himself a variety of cool skills and abilities. He made his seraph form more stronger and added four more incarnation forms for him to assume. He created the God of Dreams and Reality, the Chaos Heaven, the Goddess of the Sea and the Justice Prophet.

Each incarnation possesses its own set of skills and appearance. The God of Dreams and Reality appears as a six foot tall humanoid with a cosmic appearance. Its body is composed of black, empty space with various colored stars and a galaxy on his chest. The incarnation has messy hair and a galaxy within each eye. The God of Dreams and Reality possesses the power to turn dreams and thoughts into reality and vice versa. This incarnation can easily bend reality to its will no matter how rigid the rules are in that world. It's virtually invincible unless it faces an enemy far stronger than it. This incarnation is capable of defeating all current creations combined even if their total power is multiplied by ten.

The second incarnation is the Chaos Heaven, an angel incarnation. The Chaos Heaven appears as a five foot ten inche

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