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amaliaverdezoto > If I were a Creator > 4 The Seven Heavens
First, I imagined a massive floating palace of gold with hanging gardens and seven floors. Each floor above has only 80% of the previous floor's diameter and all floors are circular in shape. The palace is a meeting place and the home of the strongest angels in the heavens. The bottom floor is an endless library with the occasional golden meeting table with seven levitating chairs around each table. The library contains all informations about Earth since its birth and of my new world. The library would expand in size according to the number of information it receives.

Its inside will always be bigger than the outside which is a trait shared by all the floors of the palace. The second, third, fourth and fifth floors are also libraries but the higher floors carry the more secret and important informations. As for the sixth floor, it is an endless expanse of water and coral reefs with endless trenches in between. The water around the reefs are lit like it's only two or three meters deep while light intensity is reduced deeper down at a quartered rate. A massive, golden and blue underwater temple is hidden under the reefs and lit by bioluminescent lifeforms.

Beings of good intention can find the temple where the most secret of knowledge is stored and where only the greatest order of angels can meet in with utmost secrecy. The floor itself is filled with sea life that will attack evils who enter the place and for every one creature killed, ten will take its place possessing twice its strength each. The temple will be hidden to those with evil intentions and will cast illusions to break the evil being's will and cause it to sleep where it will fall into the great trenches for all eternity. As for the final floor, it is a dimension of galaxies and stars that surround an infinite flight of stairs.

Beings of evil intention would take forever to fly or walk up the white stairs while good intentioned beings will never be brought to the stairs but will enter a meeting place with 8 cosmic thrones above a massive galaxy with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. This floor is for me to have personal talks or discussions with the seven heavens which involve problems regarding the laws of the world, top secret personal information or great threats to creation that the seven could not defeat or handle. With the golden seven floored palace manifesting before him, he could begin the creation of the seven heavens.

All of their titles are based on the seven biblical names of God. The eldest will be Jophiel, the Heaven of War. She will be the supreme commanding officer of heaven's forces and the person to develop new weapons for the heavens. She will be gifted with an incomparable talent on physics, magic, engineering and forging. Her personality is that of a patient, calculating and lively person, often appearing relaxed to trick others into thinking that she's not serious. She possesses stats that are physically 50 times inferior to the average primordial while being 20% more intelligent than them, a trait shared by her siblings.

She possesses light manipulation and generation, alongside mana manipulation and generation in order to terraform planets or empower others in a world with a lack of mana. Also, her light generation abilities will allow her to fight even in empty voids. I also gifted her acausality and transcendence, a trait shared by her siblings to prevent any of them from being erased by being killed off in the past. Her transcendence is an ability that only allows her to be harmed by pure chaos energy which is a perfect fusion of all energies, something only the primordials and Tiamat are immune to.

I decided her to be the leader because angels are usually lead by a patriarch when interpreted. It's just a little boring, so I quickly decided to have a matriarch of the angels. Jophiel appears as an incomparably beautiful woman in her early twenties with blonde hair, violet eyes, ivory white skin and her hair is st

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