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As the Chaos Heaven passes through the barrier between realms, she arrives in the empty white void of Yahbenon, the soon to be birthplace of the Gods. There, the creator made a new avatar for himself, the avatar known as the Goddess of Destruction. The goddess is a divine beauty with an innocent but adventurous face, bright violet eyes and a warm, cheerful smile. She wears a laurel wreath shaped crown that is half laurel wreath and half made of azure blue dragon scales.

Her flawless dark brown hair is long and part of it is tied to a long ponytail held by a golden band with hebrew letters inscribed. She wears a bra that completely covers her breasts made of dark blue petal like scales, a golden belt that holds a decorated golden roman skirt and twin golden bracelets with sumerian decorations and hebrew inscriptions. The goddess possesses absolute dominion over destruction and all forms of it.

That means that she also has the dominions of death, decomposition, sickness, rebirth, magic, energy, elements, space, time and etc. Anything that can be destroyed or can destroy regardless of degree is under her domain. That would make her truly invincible as her nature would prevent her destruction in any degree, preventing her from being hurt at all. However, she doesn't have the side effect of not feeling anything.

With her powers, she can erase anything, even nothingness itself. As long as it exists in some way, it can be erased by her power. Her destruction abilities also allow healing since she could destroy the poison or decomposing matter, turning them into whatever she wants by controlling how they are destroyed or decomposed. The goddess also possesses a weapon called the Kalivana.

In a language for gods that I just invented a second ago, it means the Destroyer of Worlds. The Kalivana is a double edged trident divided into two sections. Its lower half is demonic and abyssal, with glowing demonic inscriptions and lava demon decorations on it. The demonic half's trident head is made of gold, with fiery inscriptions and a faint aura of darkness enveloping it.

Its upper half is holy and divine, with decorations and designs related to holy divinities and judeo christian angels. Its trident head is silver with golden inscriptions and a faint aura of heaven. If one were a wizard or a person who can read auras, they would feel the aura of infinite darkness and despair but also infinite peace and love generated by the double sided trident. The double edged trident can only be wielded by the goddess.

Anyone else who tries will either be turned into a statue of molten lava or scattered into light particles, depending on their intention. The creator transforms into the Goddess of Destruction. Her appearance caused the very world of the gods to be filled with an abundance of energy. The violet aura that she passively emits is eroding nothingness itself, filling the realm with divine energy.

The creator had planned to create twelve

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