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amaliaverdezoto > If I were a Creator > 8 The Nine Realms and Beyond
In a secluded lake between three mountains, a seemingly normal fifteen year old swam within the lake. Unlike most or 'normal' people, he swam like a crocodile. Using his legs like a tail and his arms to pull himself forward. Yes, this is the creator, the one and only creator of heaven, this world and primordials. After taking another week of relaxing in a hot lake, melting on a beanbag and sleeping for God knows how long, he got bored of the vacation. He swam towards the shore and walked towards the beanbag, naked. Since no one exists yet and his children would definitely stay away from his private stuff, he would never be worried about being seen naked while swimming or sunbathing.

Once he had reached the shade of the umbrella, he created clothes for him to wear. Since he knew nothing about clothes and their size, he created them to easily adjust to the user's body. Now, he wears a plain white t shirt and blue jeans. The creator likes to appear simple in his human form, unless the system allows him to edit his body. After wearing his clothes, he shouted to the mountains, "Yam, get me to space!" Almost immediately, a bright white light surged from beneath him as the creator is teleported to the bubble space on Yam's back. He looked up to see the glass bubble, he could see the blue depths of the sea through the glass.

The heavenly beast had been resting peacefully in the ocean floor, waiting for its creator's command. As soon as the creator shouted, the beast teleported him within and prepared to surface. Without any warning, the beast began to float up from the watery depths. The dark blue colors seen from the glass dome had begun to lighten up. Soon, the water's color had almost reached colorless. Then, a large thump boomed as a massive silhouette burst up from the water, causing mini tsunami waves to form. The heavenly beast quickly penetrated through the clouds and quickly entered the empty realm that is space. In its deep, beastly voice, Yam announced, 'We have arrived in space, creator.'

"Thanks Yam." 'I am not worthy of your gratitude, creator.' I replied, "Sure you are! Now, please wait here." He created a blue portal and entered it, reaching the vast emptiness of space. He drifted around, using his arms and legs to try and balance himself. After flailing around for a minute or two, he managed to balance himself, his brown eyes now gazing upon the empty expanse. Since Yggdrasil's present, he wanted to make the nine realms just like in norse mythology. A solar system, containing eight planets which are eight of the nine realms. From closest to farthest from the star is muspelheim, svartalheim, vanaheim, asgard, alfheim, jotunheim, helheim and nifleheim.

The star is twice the size of earth's sun and has a lighter color than that of earth's star. The nearest planet muspelheim has an average surface temperature of 60° celcius, its size is easily five times greater than earth and is home to the fire giants. The planet is littered with volcanoes constantly spewing out pillars of ash. It's a fiery wasteland where only extremophiles could survive the harsh temperatures and the burning, plume filled air. However, this planet possesses four times the mana density of my base planet, allowing most creatures to quickly adapt and become a part of the ecosystem of fire creatures.

As I have not planned to install life just yet, the planet does not possess any wildlife at all. Only acid rivers, volcanoes and craters could be seen in this land of fire and smoke. A whole year in muspelheim is equal to about one and a third earth years. Muspelheim possesses a burning moon, slightly larger than earth itself. Unlike the planet it orbits, the fiery moon is completely unhabitable as surface temperature is slightly over the boiling point and its atmosphere is thrice as dense as earth's. The moon does not have any intended magical wildlife as all of its mana are only present underground, forming magic ores and crystals with

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