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The fates and their creator had appeared in a flash of brilliant white light. A massive, golden hall surrounds them with statues of them around the circular hall. They stood upon a small circular podium with a short flight of stairs surrounding the podium. The fates admired the majestic hall while their creator proudly introduced, "Welcome to the Fateless Turtle, a divine battleship that will acts as your new home as you weave fate with your powers." The hall had many decorations such as various green plants in white pots, golden incense pots, mini waterfalls, floating golden lined mirrors and floating balls of light.

If someone were to say that it's fit for a king, another would call it blasphemy for even a king could never achieve a wonder like this. "Wow, are you sure father? I could never accept such a gift, I am not worthy." Said Ananke. Her little sisters followed with a gesture of humility or similar words. Seeing their humility, I, the creator insisted, "Nonsense. All of you will be having one of the hardest works among your siblings." "Are you sure father? You don't have to burden yourself with creating an abode for us." Said the youngest fateweaver. "Clotho's right. These powers you have graciously bestowed us father is more than enough for us to create our own home." Said the eldest of the four.

However, the creator insisted that it's fine and they relented after two more tries. He told the sisters to familiarize themselves with their powers while he needed to create more things. Waving a goodbye, a upwards surge of light flashed as their creator leaves. Upon his departure, the four fateweavers began exploring their father's gift towards them. The creator had teleported himself into the bubble on Yam, the giant heavenly mosasaur's back. Feeling its master's return, the titanic beast sent its humble regards through the mindscape, 'Welcome back creator. What do you need of your humble servant?' The creator replied, 'Yam, I do not need anything for now. I'm still thinking about what to create before life?'

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'Life? What is life creator?' Asked the beast with curiosity. Like a teacher to his or her student, he explained, 'I'm not exactly sure but as far as I know, life is a state in which something can think or function in its active routine.' The beast then stayed quiet, it felt like it had heard blasphemous words. It would not believe that its creator does not know of certain things. However, its creator does not know exactly and as a good servant, he thought of one day where he could search what life means and relay this to its creator. After all, it believes that its creator has the right to know all things if he doesn't know about it yet.

While his divine stead thought of ways to serve its master better, the creator thought of what to create next. 'I already created primordials, fateweavers and the seven

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